Intranets & Digital Hubs With Powell 365 & Office 365

by Esther Daga

If you missed our webinar on August 16th at 12pm EST with 2toLead, don’t worry. You can watch the webinar recording to learn all you need to know about launching a digital hub for your company with Powell 365 & Office 365. Check it out.

The question for many companies is not “should our intranet be built with Office 365?” but “how should we integrate or build our intranet with Office 365”. Building an intranet with Office 365 has become even more important than it has been in the past with the emergence of new modern Intranet capabilities. The continued innovation from Microsoft must be reconciled with enterprise Intranet/Digital Workplace needs.

2toLead and Powell Software come together to host a one hour webinar to help you find the best processes for your enterprise. You don’t have to tackle this challenge alone. Richard Harbridge of 2toLead and Juan Larios of Powell Software will tell you everything you need to know in this month’s Powell 365 webinar.


In this session, we will explore:

  • What are the biggest issues and challenges with Office 365 Intranets today and how can they be addressed…
  • Practical guidance on when and how you may integrate Office 365 with your existing intranet today…
  • Why Powell 365 & Powell Manager are a great fit and how they can help…

Don’t miss the fun, watch the video recording today!


Meet our Speakers

Richard Harbridge is the Chief Technology Officer and an owner at 2toLead. Richard works as a trusted advisor with hundreds of organizations, helping them understand their current needs, their future needs, and what actions they should take to grow and achieve their bold ambitions. Richard remains hands-on in his work and has led, architected, and implemented hundreds of business and technology solutions that have helped organizations transform both digitally and organizationally. Richard has a passion for helping organizations achieve more; whether it is helping an organization build beautiful websites to support great content and social strategy, or helping an organization leverage emerging cloud and mobile technology to service better their members or the communities that they serve.

Juan is an experienced SharePoint expert, former 4 time SharePoint MVP and seasoned Developer and Software Architect. Over the years Juan has worked with large and small organizations to build Solutions based on the Microsoft Platform. His technical skills mixed with his business and end user insight has allowed him to lead, architect and develop Enterprise Intranets. Juan joined the Powell Team in 2017 as Powell Technical Lead. He works with customers and partners to provide technical support, training and provide key insights that help build successful Digital Workspaces.

About 2toLead:

2toLead is one of a kind consulting services company with a unique blend of left and right brain thinking. We focus on Business Strategy, User Experience and Technology expertise to help transform organizations like yours. Our approach is centered on working in partnership with you to deliver results. You’ll love the way we work. Together. Our team includes award-winning visionaries, published authors, designers, technologists and strategists. Our culture is really important to us and we feature an energetic environment where people strive to create the best work of their lives. For more information visit:

About Powell Software:

Powell Software is an international Software Vendor, that drives digital transformation by offering customizable and evergreen intranet solutions, built on top of Office 365 and SharePoint. With offices in Europe, North-America and Asia, the Microsoft Gold Partner helps customers all over the world drive their digital transformation by offering revolutionary digital workplace collaboration and implementation products.

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