Top Intranet Trends for 2020

by Esther Daga

The intranet offers companies new ways to interact with employees and prompt employee efficiency. It has made a huge contribution to the modern employee experience, by simplifying tasks, increasing accuracy of work and improving access to resources and information that employees need at their fingertips. Still, technology is advancing, and the intranet can and will become more impactful on the workplace than ever before. Going into 2020, we see certain stand out trends in intranet technology that will change the way you work.

Watch Powell Software,  innobit and Geodesic explore these new intranet developments of 2020 in our webinar recap. Please note, this session is in German. Watch the video today!

What you’ll learn

Whether you are looking to start a new Office 365 intranet project or interested in updating your current intranet portal, this webinar is for you! This one-hour webinar will cover intranet trends and best practices going into 2020. Plus, there will be plenty of different SharePoint intranet examples as well as a Powell 365 demonstration. We look at what an Office 365 intranet looks like today, which intranet features will evolve and how to align your portal with these 2020 trends.

This is an opportunity for you to get insight into the Powell 365 intranet offer from innobit and get a detailed presentation of evolution of intranet technology. Watch the webinar video recap! What are you waiting for?

Our speakers

Michael Weiss

Michael is the Chief Technology Officer at innobit. He helped build their core competencies around SharePoint solutions and has a broad understanding of Microsoft technologies with a specialization in Microsoft SharePoint Technologies and Cloud Solutions.

Christian Heraty

Christan is the Managing Partner Geodesic and strongly believes in the Modern Workplace. With over 22 years in digital, he has advised many organizations across a broad range of industries in the potential offered by the online & digital medium, while identifying appropriate solutions and developing strategies to meet their specific business needs.

Ayhan Balku

Ayhan is the DACH Country Manager at Powell Software. He helps clients across the DACH region to simplify their digital workplace projects.


What are you waiting for?
Watch the webinar now! 


About innobit:

innobit has helped make customers more successful since 1998. Their only goal is this: to deliver innovative and tailored solutions to demanding customers in Switzerland and Germany. Today, in addition to authorities and government agencies, numerous national and international companies from the Swiss and German pharmaceutical, commercial, energy and insurance industries rely on cooperation and support from innobit.

Over 30 employees optimize with their know-how:

  • Your business processes
  • Your information input and informational systems
  • The IT infrastructure of your customers

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About Geodesic: 

As advocates of the “modern workplace”, we believe that engaged employees, efficient processes and effective technology are the keys to a successful work environment and ultimately a successful business. With our proven methods and guided approach, we provide consulting, coaching and coordination to unlock potential within enterprise organizations.
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About Powell Software:

Powell Software is an International Software Vendor, that drives digital transformation by offering intelligent digital workplace solutions. Powell Software opened an office in Cologne in July 2019 and is developing a strong presence within the DACH region. The Microsoft Gold Partner helps customers all over the world drive Office 365 adoption and improve employee operations and productivity. If you would like more information or to connect with our local experts, contact us today.

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