How to Improve Governance and Drive Adoption in Microsoft Teams

by Esther Daga

How can I facilitate adoption and manage governance with Microsoft Teams?

If you are asking yourself this question, then this webinar is for you!  The daily usage of Microsoft Teams has more than tripled since the start of 2020. Considering the recent world events and the ever-increasing importance of establishing remote-working tools, this is not a big surprise. Combining video conferencing, live chats, and virtual collaboration in one place, Microsoft Teams has been the answer for many. What is left unsaid oftentimes, however, is that implementation and management can bring substantial challenges if unprepared. In order to facilitate a smooth transition into remote working, Powell Software wants to help companies manage the massive growth and adoption of Microsoft Teams.

Now is the time to ensure that your end-users and IT administrators are in full control of Microsoft Teams and empowered to work at their best. Join our intranet and digital workplace experts for a webinar discussing key tips for improving Microsoft Teams deployment and management. No matter what sized organization you are in, there are plenty of strategies that can help.

What you will learn

  • Optimize your Microsoft Teams adoption strategy for faster implementation
  • Establish a Microsoft Teams governance strategy that will control Teams sprawl and empower employee use
  • Add on tools that maximize Microsoft Teams investment and extend its functionalities

This 45-minute webinar will give you the knowledge it takes to take the right steps in your Microsoft Teams journey. This session is best suited to intranet project managers and leadership tasked with creating and maintaining a digital workplace project centered around Microsoft Teams. This is an opportunity for all registrants to hear firsthand from our expert software consultants in order to get best practice advice and see a detailed presentation of the Powell Software intranet solution, Powell Teams.


Catch up and watch the live recording of this webinar now.

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About Powell Software:

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