Recap: Increase Productivity Through Employee Engagement

by Esther Daga

Did you miss the Powell 365 webinar?

Learn how an intranet can build a stronger corporate culture for your company through employee engagement!

Watch our 30-minute webinar video on how to increase productivity through employee engagement with a Powell 365 intranet.

In any kind of business environment, keeping employees engaged in day to day operations is challenging. In the tough corporate world of long email chains, endless information databases and mobile workers, day to day operations can leave employees drowning in information yet disconnected with company culture. As traditional businesses start their digital transition, they realize that a higher importance must be placed on employees. By focusing on employee needs and wants our clients create a more productive workforce. Employee interaction, corporate communication, information organization and availability build a strong corporate culture that fully engages employees. Powell 365 solution brings together all the above into one attractive and easy to use digital workplace.

Your Digital Workplace

Our communication and collaborative solution has a strong impact on delivering the right end user experience. In organizations that are spread out, an intranet enables the employees to stay informed, share accurate information and stay focused on productivity goals. We like to keep things simple and straight forward. To improve productivity, you must provide an intranet experience that is pleasant for every kind of employee. The Powell 365 intranet solutions are clear and easy to use. The Powell Software wysiwyg designer tool, Powell Manager, makes it easy to hone in on employee needs and places everything at their fingertips, always providing a connected experience with every one of your employees.

Webinar Recap

In this 30-minute webinar video you will learn how Powell 365 helps accelerate the digital transformation of any enterprise. It is the best Office 365 experience as Powell 365 enriches internal communication and productivity with all the functional Office 365 components! You will also get a first-hand look at a few different employee experiences -all possible with Powell 365. By the end you will fully understand the Powell 365 intranet and its benefits. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

What you’ll learn how to:

– Drive the adoption of your Office 365 suite
– Effectively share corporate information across the entire company
– Use enterprise social widgets like Yammer to increase employee interaction and satisfaction
– Make your intranet portal attractive and inviting for all employees

Don’t worry! The Powell Software team always keeps you in mind. You can watch and re-watch the webinar webcast video NOW! Discover the best Office 365 intranet today!

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