Simplify & secure information sharing in the digital workplace

by Yvonne Harris

In the move to remote and hybrid work, the digital workplace is the go-to place for employees to access information and documents. Being able to easily view, edit and collaborate on documents is key to productivity and allows employees to work from anywhere. However, confidential, or business-sensitive information should only be accessible to those with clearance.

Conditional Access in the Digital Workplace

With this in mind, in March 2021, Microsoft announced Conditional Access authentication context capability allowing sensitive documents to be granted an additional level of security. On June 10th 2021, Sébastien Levert Program Manager on the Microsoft Graph Team, and Anthony McGinnis, from Powell Software, demonstrated the Conditional Access capability in the context of the digital workplace. They showed how digital workplace managers can secure access to confidential and sensitive information with two-factor authentication.

Sharing News across Microsoft 365 Tenants

We also explored how to solve the problem of sharing cross-tenant Office way that is secure and transparent for IT and users.

In complex organizations with several divisions sharing content across intranets can be a challenge. Comms teams want to keep everyone informed, while IT wants to keep information secured. Watch the webinar now and learn how to keep both happy.

What was on the agenda?

  • Conditional Access authentication context in the digital workplace
  • Sharing news and documents across several Office 365 tenants

Who were the speakers?

Sébastien Levert Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Graph Team: Sebastien is a Senior Program Manager on the #MicrosoftGraph team at Microsoft focusing on Partners and Customers experience! Previously 6x Microsoft Office Development MVP.

Anthony McGinnis Senior Solutions Engineer, Powell Software: Anthony is a Senior Solutions Engineer on the Powell Software North American team and an expert in the digital workplace and future of work technologies.

Who attended?

  • Digital workplace managers
  • Communication teams
  • IT professionals
  • Anyone managing a Microsoft 365 intranet

About Powell Software

Powell Software creates digital workplace solutions to improve the employee experience. We connect your employees by providing them with the communication and collaboration tools they need. Prepare for the future of work and be hybrid ready with Powell Software.

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