The future of the digital workplace: Bringing together your intranet and Microsoft Teams

by Esther Daga

Your digital workplace is more business-critical than ever—and the future is NOW

The current age of pandemic has amplified the critical need for intranet technology that supports true, seamless communication and collaboration across the entire workforce—a real “single pane of glass” for all in-house and remote employees

Join Powell Software and Stitch DX, and learn about a digital communication, collaboration, and productivity model for now AND the road ahead.

Our panel from StitchDX and Powell Software will explore the communication and collaboration challenges that are slowing down companies—at a time when they need to be “full speed ahead” more than ever—and introduce a new Digital Workplace productivity model that directly integrates your intranet within Microsoft Teams.

You’ll also learn:

  • Actionable strategies for setting up and optimizing teams and templates for your specific needs
  • Common-sense governance policies for managing team creation, including internal and external guest access
  • Proven recommendations for structuring better synchronous and asynchronous communication, file management, and collaboration
  • Effective end-user training and change-management guidance that can drive increased employee adoption—resulting in better communication, collaboration, and productivity.

AND as an added bonus, all attendees will get access to a free month trial of Powell Teams — the add-on application that accelerates Microsoft Teams adoption with intelligent features that enrich the user experience and optimize governance.

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Meet the Speakers:

Erick Straghalis – President, Chief Strategist – StitchDX

Todd Felton – Digital Workplace Strategist – StitchDX

Lorne Phelps – Senior Account Executive – Powell Software

Laurent Elmaleh – Business Development Manager EMEA – Powell Software


About StitchDX:

StitchDX is a digital experience agency focused on helping B2B organizations engage with all their customer audiences— internal and external. They help optimize user experience, improve marketing efforts, and leverage technology to achieve high-impact growth goals for employee engagement and customer acquisition. Their team threads together decades of expertise in organizational development and digital workplace, content creation, UX/ UI design, brand strategy, digital marketing, lead generation, and website development for a diverse client roster from SMBs to large Enterprises.

About Powell Software:

We are an International Software Vendor, that drives digital transformation by offering intelligent digital workplace solutions. Through our collection of easy to use collaboration, productivity, implementation, and governance products, we help customers all over the world realize their digital workplace projects from A to Z with ease. Contact us today for more information about our suite of digital workplace products:
– Powell Intranet, the Office 365 Intranet
– Powell Governance, the adoption and governance integrated app for Microsoft Teams
– Powell Hub, the one-stop-for-all productivity platform
– Powell Apps, the best Digital Workplace mobile app
– Powell Manager, the design and governance Digital Workplace tool
Today, Powell Software is present all around the world to get as close as our community as possible, with 10 different offices located in Europe, North America, Australia, Middle-East, Asia, and Africa. Our strong partner network enables us to answer our client needs in the best and most reactive way.


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