SORCE and Powell Software provide a new kind of Digital Workplace Experience with Engage 365

by Esther Daga

Powell Software and SORCE are pleased to announce a brand-new reseller partnership. The two companies have come together to provide a better digital experience for companies embarking on their digital transformation journey. This partnership will join SORCE’s market experience and expertise with Powell 365 technology to offer Engage 365, state-of-the-art collaboration tools.

A New Reseller Partnership

For over a decade SORCE has helped companies create intranet solutions that match any industry requirements. Their experienced team works side by side with clients to uncover employee essentials, run workshops, build a corporate portal and adjust it to employee needs.

Powell Software’s award-winning intranet solution, Powell 365, brings communication and collaboration to the next level. Thanks to this out-of-the-box intranet, enterprises around the world now deploy their own customized intranet based on Office 365 and SharePoint promptly and without any coding skills required.

In a little as two to four weeks, a digital workplace can be built to client specificiations, allowing employees to streamline engaging Digital Workplace projects. Powell 365 also has the capacity to evolve over time thanks to Powell Manager, Powell Software’s state-of-the-art SharePoint Designer.

The combination of Powell Software’s powerful Powell 365 technology and SORCES’s implementation processes and market experience, shaped a new kind of digital workplace experience. Looking to increase end-user engagement while significantly decreasing implementation time and project costs, Engage 365 was created.


Introducing Engage 365

Engaged 365 is the latest collaboration software, powered by Powell 365. With Engage 365, clients can create an engaging Digital Workplace experience based on Office 365 and SharePoint tools without custom code, significantly decreasing implementation time. Engage 365 helps clients save time on deployment so that employees can start collaborating immediately.

Powell Software and SORCE created this new offer to give clients the opportunity to go beyond an intranet-in-a-box, by bringing flexibility to the digital transformation process. Thanks to personalised designs and drag and drop technology, clients can customise their corporate intranet to highlight their greatest assets, in just a few clicks.

The evergreen technology provides access to the newest Office 365 features from Microsoft via automatic updates and simplified implementation processes. Employees can now manage projects on any device from any location and still have a fully responsive and interactive experience. Engage 365 intranet solutions meet your business needs to improve communication, collaboration and business efficiency.

With Engage 365, clients simply pick and choose features depending on their intranet objectives and quickly go live! The collaboration tools also manage the evolution of project to retain a successful intranet over time.



SORCE has been delivering intranets to the UK intranet market since 2001.  Delivering intranets is all we do and we are very focused on the needs of communications teams, and passionate about enhancing our clients’ businesses.  We work closely in partnership with our clients, and utilize the latest technology to tailor a truly flexible intranet to their requirements, which can evolve as the client’s business does.  We have an experienced team of intranet experts in place, and a tried and tested implementation methodology.  We work with companies large and small to meet their intranet challenges, and already have an existing proprietary product which is not reliant on SharePoint or Office 365.  The opportunity to offer the Powell 365 product to the UK market will give us the opportunity to meet even more clients’ intranet requirements, regardless of their technology preference.

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About Powell Software

Powell Software was founded in 2015 by Expertime Group, a Microsoft platform expert. Based in France and the United States, Powell Software drives digital transformation by offering Powell 365, an integrated digital workplace solution that transforms the user experience and boosts communication, collaboration and business productivity. Behind each Powell 365 portal is the WSYWYG designer, Powell Manager that configures compelling digital workplaces based on Office 365 and SharePoint.

For more information about Powell 365 or Powell Manager, please visit our website or contact us now for a free demo!

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