Powell 365 rebrands as Powell Software

by Esther Daga

We are very proud to introduce our new brand: Powell Software

The company created in 2015 has evolved considerably since the launch of our standout office 365 intranet, Powell 365 and now has more than 200 customers and 100 partners worldwide. This meteoric rise is accompanied with tremendous success, the creation of new products and the desire to develop our brand equity across a range of products. We unveil our new brand: Powell Software in line with the rebranding initiative to reinforce all of our products and simplify the company’s strategy under one corporate name.


Powell Software: “Innovation at Work”

Powell Software is an inclusive brand that embodies our growing ambitions and better affirms our company values. In under 4 years, our company and product offering has grown exponentially. It is important for us to highlight our desire for constant innovation. Powell Software offers digital solutions at the forefront of technology and reinvents digital workplaces to be closer to the needs of employees. Our teams constantly observe the behaviors, work habits and constraints of employees in order to propose solutions to accompany them and facilitate their daily lives. Your employees are the source of our inspiration. Therefore, “Innovation at Work” has become our new slogan.


A new graphic identity

In line with this change comes a new, more modern and colorful logo, representing the new company name Powell Software and a suite of digital workplace products. The company will implement its marketing, communications and sales initiatives under the Powell Software brand.

You will find our website powell-software.com takes on our visual identity. The site has been redesigned to meet the expectations of its visitors, with a more fluid and intuitive format. This more modern, sleeker and colorful look better represents our products as well as our young, dynamic, international and growing business culture!


Powell Software Suite: Next Generation Digital Workplaces Suite

To reinforce the value of each of our products and how they intertwine, our efforts will not represent one intranet solution, but rather the next generation digital workplace suite. This suite of products is part of our goal to serve your employees through tools that can revolutionize the way work is done while increasing productivity. Each product is influential in its own right and together represent the necessary bricks to achieve the ultimate digital workplace.


Today the suite consists of 3 products: Powell 365, Powell Hub and Powell Manager

Powell 365: The Office 365 Digital Workplace – Our Office 365 Intranet Solution


Since its creation in 2015, our collaborative intranet has undergone many changes and is today the reference of Digital Workplaces on Office 365. A platform for collaboration and communication, turnkey, customizable, scalable. Expand your Digital Workplace in less than 3 months and accelerate the adoption of Office 365 tools with its Teams, Yammer widgets, etc.


NEW – Powell Hub – Empower your productivity – The all-in-one productivity platform

Logo Powell Hub


Released in June, we are very proud of our newest product, Powell Hub. Powell Hub is the single point of access for all your business applications. It allows employees to organize their workspace, stay focused and save time. It offers one click access to all corporate documents, internal information, company sites, and business applications safely, from any device.


Powell Manager – Streamline Your Digital Workplace – Digital Workplace Governance Tool

Powell Manager is our design and management engine that helps our partners and clients to design and manage their digital workplaces projects over time, at a lower cost and with ease. Companies benefit from ready-to-use templates, define all aspects of portal structure, include an evergreen governance approach in line with branding, and maintain everything from a single, fully secure platform.

The suite will evolve in line with market needs, as we release new products and new technology. The offering will increase soon, as a fourth product will be brought to market in September 2019.
– Keep the secret but get ready! –


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