A Newcomer Joins Our Johannesburg Office

by Esther Daga

Meet the newest member of the Powell Software team!

Powell Software opened our office in Johannesburg to meet the growing market demands and boost local operations. We brought on a new business developer based in the Sub Saharan Africa Region to manage this growth and build stronger relationships with our African partners and clients. This person is Roshan Uggoda, the Head of Sales for Africa and the Indian Ocean at Powell Software. You can learn more about Roshan and what he is doing at Powell Software by reading the following short interview.


Employee Profile: Roshan Uggoda

Head of Sales- Africa and Indian Ocean Islands

Powell Software Team: Roshan Uggoda

Roshan joined Powell Software in July, after working 15 years at Arkadin (NTT Group Company). Having worked between London and Johannesburg, Roshan spent the past six years building and generating UCaaS business development across Africa. Roshan now leads business development for Powell Software in the South Africa while being based at our Johannesburg office. Both charismatic and driven, Roshan is establishing our brand, creating the right links with the African culture, and reinforcing our partner operations in the region.


Why did you choose to work for Powell Software?

Having worked in the SaaS business and within Microsoft O365/ productivity eco-system, Powell’s vision, road map and commitment to future of digital workplaces really impressed me. However, it was most importantly meeting Powell’s senior management team and my colleagues in Paris that led me to believe in this fantastic work culture and the dynamism of this young transcultural fast-growing company.


What do you like most about your job?

I love meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. Being able to create opportunities for people to make a meaningful and positive impact in their lives and in their businesses, in return.


How would you describe the culture at Powell Software in only three words?

Trust, innovation and teamwork.


What is your favorite Office 365 feature?

I love Microsoft Teams and its ability to create groups and convert into sites to share information and collaborate with dispersed teams in a meaningful and productive way.


What do you do in your free time, outside the office?

I love running, reading about history, culture and all things really. I enjoy traveling and exploring new cultures and meeting new people.


What is your secret talent?

I’m pretty much an “open book”. So not so sure about the “secret” bit, but I certainly can be a party animal when there’s time to celebrate success of my team, customer or a family member. I love working hard for a meaningful purpose and playing even harder upon achieving my goals! Don’t we all? Life is too short to be unhappy for long!


What is the best way for people to connect with you?

Definitely on LinkedIn. Connect with Roshan on Linkedin!


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