The Powell Software Team – Meet Liza

by Esther Daga

The newest member at Powell Software DACH

Great news! Our presence in German-speaking countries is expanding rapidly, and so does our team. To meet the demanding needs of this growing market, Liza Herdt joined our Cologne office. She is a polyglot that is driven by collaboration and ready to propel business operations. Interested in learning more about the latest member of the Powell Software team? Here is a short interview with Liza:

Employee Profile: Liza Herdt
Sales Marketing Specialist – DACH

Liza joined the Powell Software team in February after several years experience as an all-rounder in e-commerce. She will take care of marketing activities in the DACH area, supporting our brand’s growth and building our community reach.


Why did you choose to join the Powell Software team in Germany?

To be honest, it was the product suite which convinced me to join the Powell Software family. From my previous work experience, I know how hard it is to balance between thousad tools, keep all the passwords in mind and to have million tabs open in my browser. That´s why the idea of a suite of digital workplace products which supports employees in their daily activities and reduce this frustrating jumping from tool to tool was quite appealing for me. As I tested Powell Hub for the first time, I thought “Wow, it is so easy to focus on my work!” And that was the moment of truth as I fell completely in love with Powell Software solutions.


What do you like most about your new position?

My job is so diverse, that luckily, I never experience a Groundhog Day situation at Powell Software. Every day is completely different, enabling me to learn and grow every single day.


How would you describe the culture at Powell Software in only three words?

Innovative, dynamic, collaborative.


What is your favorite Office 365 feature?

Without thinking twice: It´s the real-time co-authoring. Working on the same documents together with your teammates is pure synergy, boosting the productivity and creativity of all team members and resulting in high-quality content.


What do you do in your free time, outside the office?

My secret passion is art. So out of the office you can most likely find me in an art gallery or a museum walking around with an audio guide.


What is your secret talent?

My secret power is to stay positive and goal-oriented in every situation. No matter what, together we find the fanciest solution ever.


What is the best way for people to connect with you?

Do you want to discuss our products or share experience? Just leave me a message on LinkedIn, I´ll be happy to get in touch. Connect with Liza on Linkedin!

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