The Powell Software Team – Meet Ryan

by Esther Daga

Employee Profile : Ryan Orehek

As our company grows, we would like to introduce our audience to the great people who work behind the scenes to make Powell 365 intranet software the best product on the market. Each month we are going to highlight one of our over achieving employees on the Powell 365 team.

In the last six months, Powell Software has been devoted to expanding our presence on the US East Coast. The person behind our success in this region is our Central and Eastern US Regional Sales Director, Ryan Orehek!

Ryan Orehek

Ryan has been in technology and software sales for his entire career. He joined the Powell 365 team in September, after working with Nintex, and has grown our partner base tremendously. Read our short interview below to learn more about Ryan.

What attracted you to work on the Powell 365 team?

I think the product is revolutionary, and easily the best of its’ type on the market.  It is a new market, and the opportunity to grow the business in the US was exciting.

What do you like most about your job?

Working with my customers to uncover a need, and then being able to show them how Powell 365 can meet that need.

What three words would you use to describe our culture?

Innovative, energetic, and enthusiastic

What is your favorite Office 365 feature and why?

Dynamics  – It helps me organize all of my customers, opportunities, pipeline, and contacts.  In a nutshell, it helps me be effective at my job.

What do you do in your free time outside the office?

Hang out with my kids and friends, cycle, listen to music, and tinker with anything

What is your secret special talent?

I can fix anything (or at least I will try)

Want to talk more with Ryan? Hit him up on Twitter – @OrehekRyan

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