Powell 365 Offers Hybrid Solution Alternative to Customers

by Esther Daga

Our dynamic tool can simplify the design and provisioning of your digital workplace on SharePoint 2016 in the same way as it does on SharePoint Online. To address the different needs of our customers, Powell Software decided to enrich our offerings by adding SharePoint 2016 On-Premises availability. This new feature gives clients the option to control their SharePoint infrastructure.


What is a hybrid solution?

A hybrid solution is a solution that mixes different computing environments, using not only the private and public cloud services but also on-premises to bring together the two platforms. A hybrid SharePoint solution connects two versions of SharePoint – Cloud and On-Premises. This gives companies the option to uses both SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online, as part of the Office 365 suite, to enjoy a well-integrated solution. Powell Software decided to apply a hybrid offering, with the migration to SharePoint 2016, to give clients the best service possible. This new feature will allow our customers to take advantage of the innovations in Office 365 and have an engaging intranet experience with Powell 365 while staying On-Premises.


What are the benefits of a hybrid solution?

Cloud services are becoming more mainstream every day, as companies want to take advantage of its many benefits. However, digital transformation is an ongoing process that evolves with technology. Some companies are bound by regulatory or compliance obligations, like in the legal or health sectors. Others have already spent a great amount of time and money on their current solution and are therefore not looking to start from scratch. A hybrid SharePoint solution creates the middle ground between these two worlds. This step by step transition helps companies stay grounded in their On-Premises only features and still invest in their future with the cloud.

According to a study done by Gartner, “Nearly 50% of large enterprises will likely have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017”.

A hybrid SharePoint solution is the best of both worlds. It allows customers to slowly make the transition to SharePoint Online. A hybrid solution takes the existing investment and adds cloud capabilities to the current company infrastructure. This alternative gives end users the familiarity of On-Premises as well as a secure document database with the anywhere, any device accessibility of the Cloud.


How do you benefit from a Powell 365 hybrid solution?

A Powell 365 digital workplace solution takes the end user experience one step further by providing a single and engaging look and feel across both platform types. Powell 365 produces a seamless experience that is completely branded to company culture for anyone who accesses the company portal. The coherent design makes the transition between Cloud features and On-Premises applications effortless and subtle.

This kind of overall cohesive engagement applies beyond the visual design of a Powell 365 hybrid solution. The application and management of a portal can also be completely in sync thanks to Powell Manager. Powell manager is the WISYWIG tool behind Powell 365 that brings a collaborative solution to life with the latest Office 365 features and Powell 365 innovations.

Powell Manager provides a common template to simplify administration. It is here, in this one place where everything within a Powell 365 portal is located and managed. With Powell Manager, the IT team can control and regulate every aspect of a hybrid solution, no matter the base platform. It supports the automation of a hybrid solution and assists in the rationalization of governance goals. Powell Manager makes administration easy. Plus, this service will evolve over time aiding in the digital transition of a company and how employees interact with state of the art technology.

Powell 365 is constantly evolving to provide the best experience possible for our customers. The latest Powell 365 innovation is connected to the enrichment of our product with On-Premises SharePoint 2016. Today, Office 365 features are now equally available in an On-Premises architecture thanks to Powell 365 web parts. Powell 365 takes the idea of a hybrid solution one step further. We are always trying to push the envelope of innovation for your employees. This manageable and co-effect solution results in a more flexible service.


Is a hybrid solution right for your company?

On-Premises, Cloud and hybrid solutions all offer their own set of benefits. During any transitional period, it can be hard to understand which of the available options are best. Powell Software now offers a hybrid solution to help our clients find the right balance between their infrastructure and Office 365. To better understand if a hybrid solution is right for your company, contact us today. A Powell 365 team member can work with you to find the right fit.

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