The Powell 365 intranet solutions are featured in a book!

by Esther Daga

« Mise en Œuvre D’Office 365, Gestion De Projet Et Conduite Du Changement »

After seeing how valuable the Powell 365 intranet services are Denis Meingan and Gilles Balmisse decided to devote a special part of their comprehensive book to Powell 365. «Mise en œuvre d’Office 365, Gestion de projet et conduite du changement» presents how having a global approach to the Microsoft Office 365 suite is the most effective way to drive day-to-day operations.


With Office 365, Microsoft has managed to attract numerous enterprises towards their digital methods, notably in terms of productivity, communications, collaboration and networking. It is true that by proposing a package of innovative services available in the cloud, Office 365 updated company operations but also changed the daily lives of employees.

This literary feature has solidified Powell 365’s status as one of the best options available on the market. The four-page spread devoted to Powell 365 intranet technology presents the product in depth. It includes images of the customizable intranet dashboard and explanations of the intranet service.


This book aims to present an approach to Office 365 directly usable by the team of professionals that are likely to be involved in an implementation project: chief information officer, digital director, communications director, chief human resources officer, project owner, project manager, consultant, user and so on. With a plethora of expert opinions and several concrete examples, this book illustrates the different project implementation options for Office 365.

There are several ways to use and adopt Office 365. Depending on the position of a company’s digital transformation implementing and maintaining Office 365 features can daunting. The Powell 365 intranet solutions help a company take advantage of the Office 365 suite. By using all Office 365 services and implementing an adapted approach, the corporate intranet becomes a central place for change management.

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