How can a corporate intranet grow your business?

by Esther Daga

Today, office intranets have become the digital hub that takes a company to the next level.

Every business is constantly changing and evolving. As a business gains, gathers and shares knowledge, it is essential to have an information hub in order to stay in the know and organized. A growing business can be a very exciting atmosphere, but it can also be overwhelming at the same time. This doesn’t just apply to huge multinational companies. Having multiple clients, with several projects, and employees collaborating from different locations can complicate internal communications and diminish productivity for the local store just as much as a manufacturing firm.

A Simple Answer

So, how do you keep it all together while becoming more successful in terms of growth? The answer is very simple; get a corporate intranet like Powell 365.  Today, intranets have become the digital hub that takes your company to the next level. This is the best tool available to help make growing your business a smoother experience for everyone involved.

An office intranet is basically the central nervous system for a company. The internal database, which every employee can access, brings all communication and document sharing together in one place and allows real time collaboration. This naturally creates better internal communications.

Stay Organized

Often when growing a business, resources can get disorganized easily. Intranet technology stores all corporate information such as memos, presentation updates, staff news, even birthday announcements centrally and shares the information to all employees across the intranet dashboard. This improves productivity, enabling employees to find information faster and easier. It also improves communication, making it easier for co-workers to set up appointments and share information. The important messages reach the right people and documents are updated in real time, streamlining internal communications.

Better Communication

When colleagues have better communication, a business is more efficient. However, growing businesses can quickly hit a communications roadblock. Too many things can be happening at once. Changes are constantly being made. Employees can unknowingly be left in the dark. A corporate intranet comes equipped with tools like Yammer, the enterprise social network, or a company news slider that makes communicating the latest business news easier than ever. Anytime there is a change, such as a new product launch, a new hire or any type of news-worthy information, it is posted in the office intranet for everyone to see.  This dramatically reduces the number of emails each employee has to sift through on a daily basis and saves time while effectively keeping everyone in the company up to date.

Engage Employees

Having an intranet website actually improves employee engagement and collaborative working. Today, most intranets are based on cloud computing. It is now possible to share calendars, tasks and meeting requests. It even has instant messaging in order for employees to get questions answered quickly. Employees have access to the office intranet, no matter what device they use or where they are in the world. This makes a more flexible workforce and again, increases productivity.

The collective result of all these benefits is a more engaged, efficient and productive team. Therefore, a corporate intranet is a great foundation for any growing business.

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