Webinar: Leverage Employee Advocacy with Gamification

by Yvonne Harris

Learn how to turn employees into brand advocates through the digital workplace. Discover the untapped potential of the workforce in expanding reach, organically, while improving engagement and building connections.

Watch the employee advocacy webinar with Powell Software and StitchDX.

Recorded: January 12th, 2021

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Maximizing an underused communication channel

Employees are a company’s most valuable resource and also their best advocates. However, many organizations fail to realize the full potential of employee voices.

When employees share content from themselves, they receive more engagement than information shared by the company. It’s logical when an employee shares something to social media their network trusts their opinion because they see them as a friend, not a corporation. Their network perceives the shared content as useful information, not an advertisement.

Employees themselves are often willing to share, once they themselves find the content useful. In fact, 98% of employees use at least one social media platform, and 50% already post about their employer.

Turning employees into advocates

Making the workforce a powerful communication channel is an opportunity to reach a larger audience faster, more efficiently, and without additional cost. It is also a way to leverage company branding and build a reputation. The potential organic reach is a marketer’s dream and its low cost and potential should appeal to those watching the bottom line.

The benefits of employee advocacy however go beyond marketing, it also contributes positively to employee engagement. Giving a customer-facing voice to each employee and the ability to contribute to company development helps to build unity and reinforce a sense of belonging.

Learning to leverage employee advocacy

The benefits of employee sharing are clear but the execution may appear difficult. In this webinar, we demonstrate how you can easily establish a culture that promotes and facilitates employee advocacy. We show how, with Powell 365 solutions and dedicated templates, employee advocacy can be simplified.

Our product team along with our partners, StitchDX, demonstrate Powell 365 templates, that can be used in the digital workplace.

Watch the webinar on-demand

Who should attend

This webinar is open to all but of particular interest to:

  • Employee experience and digital workplace specialists
  • HR leaders
  • Internal Communicators
  • Intranet Managers
  • IT strategy managers.

About Powell Software

Powell Software is a global ISV specialized in providing digital workplace solutions to connect employees. Our solutions focus on providing the right tools to keep employees engaged whether they’re in the office or at home. Powell Intranet, our communications portal, keeps employees engaged and aligned to the organization’s goals and mission. Powell Governance, a Microsoft Teams application improves the end-user experience while providing governance and life cycle management capabilities for IT professionals. Together these solutions form Powell 365, a complete digital workplace. Powell 365 templates simplify common tasks for departments like internal communications, sales, and HR.

Missed the live webinar? We’ve got you covered. Watch the recording to learn how the digital workplace can be used to simplify and promote employee advocacy. Make 2021 the year that your organization realizes the full potential of employees, which improving brand recognition and boosting engagement.

Watch the webinar on-demand

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