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Inclusive and engaged organizations perform better

Build a corporate Intranet to communicate important information and keep everyone aligned. Give employees a voice and improve engagement.

Drive Corporate Communication

Clear communication is essential to the success of any business and it starts from the top down. Use the right digital communication tools to support your efforts. Connect with employees and distribute important information to everyone with ease.

  • Offer consistent and visible communication via any device
  • Incorporate inclusive and clear communication features
  • Ensure cross-platform communication by connecting your intranet to other applications, like Microsoft Teams
engaging employees

Enable Employee Engagement

Good user experience is key to engaging employees in the digital workplace. Improve the way your people operate with an intuitive, captivating, and interactive digital workplace. Promote employee advocacy, ensuring the best possible experience for everyone involved.

  • Help new members quickly integrate into the company culture and fully grasp corporate tools
  • Highlight company events and teambuilding opportunities
  • Provide the same information to all employees no matter their location or language

Connect Your Employees via the Digital Workplace

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Hybrid Workplace

A corporate intranet conveys company culture and keeps employees engaged, especially in remote work settings. In the hybrid workplace, the digital workplace becomes the main channel to build a sense of belonging. It’s an essential way to communicate and access corporate information, strategies, and values.

  • Easy access to corporate information & apps
  • Connect from anywhere, on any device
  • Keeps everyone aligned and engaged
hybrid workplace
digital workplace

Teams and the intranet are better together

Get the most from your Digital Workplace by accessing the power of the Intranet directly from Microsoft Teams. Add even more value by using Teams as a bridge to your corporate Intranet.

  • Simplify user experience by connecting to Teams and intranet from one space
  • Establish bridges between the two for a more impactful digital workplace

We support our clients in every step of  their digital transformation


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The Digital Workplace Platform

In the digital workplace, all employees have access to knowledge via the tools they use on a daily basis. Powell Software has designed a comprehensive digital workplace that connects your corporate intranet, company mobile app, and even Microsoft Teams.

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Designing your Corporate Intranet

When defining your digital workplace platform be sure that you have the control from branding to functionality. Powell Software offers a flexible model to meet the different needs of employees, teams, and companies and includes the right base of features and templates to launch your project in little to no time.

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Resources for Building Your Company Intranet

Follow the Powell Software blog to helpful resources like best practices, tips, and guides.