Wavestone Digital Workplace Radar names Powell Software

by Yvonne Harris

Powell Software is thrilled to be named in the Wavestone 2020 French Digital Workplace start-ups Radar, in the Infrastructure and Networks Category.


Wavestone Radar 2020 Powell Software

Wavestone is a leading French firm ‘’at the confluence of management and digital consulting’’, with over 3,000 consultants they help drive positive change in organizations around the world.

Shining a light on the French digital workplace start-up ecosystem

The objective of the Wavestone radar is to highlight the bustling French start-up ecosystem in the Digital Workplace sector. With 130 French companies named, this radar shows just how strong French technology and innovation are, particularly in this area.

The Wavestone radar also aims to breakdown the ecosystem and understand the different players, and the solutions French start-ups provide. They have broken the sector down into four categories, with ten subcategories providing insight into the broadness of the industry. Powell Software is delighted to be recognized as a provider of digital workplace foundations, within the infrastructure and networks subcategory.

The Powell 365 Digital Workplace on Wavestones Radar

Only companies that were established less than 15 years ago, have their HQ in France, and are a truly innovative company, were included in the radar. Powell Software is a global ISV, headquartered in Paris, France, and founded in 2015. We pride ourselves on providing innovative, up-to-date, and always improving technologies.

Providing digital workplace solutions to customers across the globe, our solutions are continuously updating and evolving. The Powell 365 platform is made up of Powell Intranet and Powell Teams and is a complete solution for employee collaboration and connection. Powell Intranet is the corporate portal for top-down communications.  Powell Teams is a Microsoft Teams application, making governance and adoption easy. On top of this, Powell 365 templates simplify day-to-day processes for teams across the organization, through the digital workplace.

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis the sector

After a challenging year in 2020, Wavestone conducted research with companies on the radar, to show how French start-ups adapted to the Covid-19 crisis. Fortunately, the digital workplace sphere was particularly well placed to handle the obstacles the pandemic revealed. While stay-at-home orders saw millions of employees move to remote work, companies like Powell Software were able to help in the transition.

At Powell Software, we’ve taken a challenging year as an opportunity to consider how our intranet can be adapted to better help companies moving to remote work for the first time. As well as improving our staple solutions, our new templates, for example to onboard remote employees, or facilitate employee advocacy are designed to make the digital workplace rival the physical one.

Digital workplace technologies, like the intranet, are essential to facilitate teleworking. By providing a communication platform, the corporate intranet allows organizations to keep connected to employees.

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