Powell Buddy & AI Expert Badge

by Tamar Asatiani

Earning the Powell Buddy & AI Expert Badge shows top-level AI skill and effort, a big win for those who know the most about the field.

Earning AI & Powell Buddy Expert badge

Getting the AI & Powell Buddy Expert Badge is a huge achievement. It shows you really understand AI and Powell Buddy, even the really tough parts. This badge is for those who have gone above and beyond in learning, able to answer the hardest questions about AI.

How to unlock the “Expert” Badge


To unlock this badge, participants are tasked with completing a quiz composed of 25 questions that cover various aspects of AI and Powell Buddy. Achieving 45 or more points out of 50 on this quiz is necessary to earn the badge. This high score proves you’re not just good, but great at AI & Powell Buddy, ready to handle the toughest problems and talk about complex topics.

Why the Quiz Matters

The quiz was specifically designed to motivate members of the Powell community to enhance their AI & Powell Buddy knowledge. It underscores the idea that through additional effort, anyone can expand their expertise, becoming an even more valuable asset to their team and the entire organization. The Expert Badge is all about celebrating those who are leading the pack in AI knowledge at Powell.

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