Why should you become a Powell software partner?

by Esther Daga

Powell Software seeks to strengthen companies’ communication and collaboration. We want employees to thrive in their roles with a new intranet strategy. Along with the Office 365 suite, Powell Software’s digital workplace solutions optimize company investments with a pure cloud customizable digital workplace.

Offer the best digital workplace solutions

We are committed to making a difference in the daily tasks and interactions of our customers’ employees. Known as a global leading of intelligent digital workplace solutions, our company vision is to deliver compelling digital experiences that respond to clear business needs and increase employee engagement. To do that, we offer a suite of intelligent digital workplace solutions:

  • Powell 365 – an Office 365 intranet portal that is ready out-of-the-box with extensive customization options to drive communication, collaboration and employee engagement.
  • Powell Teams – the initiative Microsoft Teams adoption application which creates uniform employee to employee interaction and controls Teams governance, organization, and management across the entire organization.
  • Powell Hub – a personalizable productivity workspace that regroups business apps and streamlines day to day operations.
  • Powell Apps – the all in one mobile experience that put the digital workplace in your pocket for anywhere and anytime access from any device.
  • Powell Manager – a unified platform to design deploy and manage the corporate digital strategy.


Key Organization Benefits

All Powell Software products help three different departments within a modern enterprise: the IT department, HR & internal Comms teams and the digital transformation teams.

For the digital transformation team, our solutions provide a unified company experience and personalized employee experience. We ensure a simplified route to change management and agility towards business changes with evergreen options.

The IT department loves Powell Software solutions because we make deploying an intranet fast and simple. Our design and provisioning engine Powell Manager accelerates solution delivery and reduces costs. We know they should be focusing on business outcomes rather than Office 365 governance. That’s why we keep all portals up-to-date Office 365 changes provide simplified governance options. Plus a Powell 365 intranet is easy to manage and provides pro-active internal communication.

HR and Communication teams prefer Powell Software solutions as they are reliable. With a Powell 365 intranet, they can share company insights and provide targeting information to employees. The contribution aspects are intuitive and available with multilingual options.  Also, the company identity is visible and strongly represents the company culture with our solutions.

Overall, Powell Software is a very powerful suite of digital workplace solutions on the market, for Office 365 and beyond. When deploying a Powell Software solution, companies benefit from:

  • Reduced time to market and intern reduced cost
  • Flexible and scalable solutions that meet specific company and industry needs
  • Every evolving technology to drive innovation at work
  • Revolutionary tools that are fully aligned with industry best practices and the Microsoft Technology strategy


Partner Participation

At Powell Software, we are looking for like-minded partners who aim to improve daily business operations through cutting edge digital workplace solutions leveraging leading technology vendors like Microsoft.

Whether you are a consulting company, a system integrator, a licensing solution partner, or a cloud solution provider, the Powell Software suite of digital workplace solutions can be a great addition to your offerings portfolio. We work with our partners to deliver a smooth digital transformation journey. Our goal is to improve intranet strategy and drive adoption of Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams collaborative solutions.

Maximize both your customers’ satisfaction and your profitability today by joining the Powell Software Partner Program. Our partners deliver groundbreaking digital workplace offerings that differentiate them from competitors. They solve costumers’ real business needs and then continue to strengthen the customer relationship by providing ongoing optimization.


Key Partner Benefits

By becoming a Powell Software Partner, your company will reap different kinds of benefits, from a solution provider perspective and a support perspective:

Our solutions simplify portal creation and shorten delivery time. Therefore our partners have increased delivery efficiency. They complete engagements in less time with fewer resources. A digital workplace project is optimized as the business analysis to dev ratio is reduced for 1/3 to 1/1. Plus, we enable our partners to quickly deliver a customer proof of concept with personalized experiences.

Our partners can offer an enhancing customer value when they become a part of the Powell Software Partner Program. Our tools help them leverage and industrialized their IP business components. Some have even created vertical solutions on top of our offering. They build stronger relationships through evergreen projects with ongoing development which keep solutions fully align with the Microsoft technology strategy. This increases project margins. Our partners see a customer renewal rate above 90% with a 30ù recurring margin on licenses. Because of a license subscription model for recurring revenue, our partners offer high-value professional services for 1 to 3 times the license costs.


The Powell 365 Partner Program

We fully support all Powell Software partners through our partner program. In the partner program, participants receive extended benefits on several levels.

We enable your teams with regular free training seminars, that include sales and technical support. We co-sponsor marketing efforts such as private events, webinars, and conferences. All partners have access to promotional materials, lead sharing opportunities and sales materials. We offer POC creation, access to personalized demo environments, special licensing conditions and demo training. When delivering a project, we event share consulting experience and share exclusive technical material. Our partners even have to opportunity to internally implement any of the Powell Software products such as Powell 365, Powell Hub or Powell Teams.

To provide premiere support for partners and have clear communication, our partners have access to a private Yammer network where they share information, ideas, and feedback with our team as well as other partners around the world. They can also connect to our partner extranet for technical documentation, the latest information about new releases and updates. We work together with our partners extending their suggestions and new ideas into important product updates. We are dedicated to their success as a partner!


Maximize profitability with Powell Software

It’s never been easier to expand your profitability. Join the Powell Software partner program and offer the best digital workplace solutions on the market to your customers. Contact us today to set up a meeting and take the first step towards joining our network of leading technology vendors.

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