Powell Intranet Excellence Awards 2023: Celebrating Intranet Champions

by Yvonne Harris

In recognition of the outstanding achievements and innovations in the field of intranet development, Powell Software proudly announces the launch of the Powell Intranet Excellence Awards 2023.

These awards aim to celebrate and honor the exceptional projects undertaken by Powell Intranet customers and partners, highlighting their dedication to enhancing the digital workplace.

About the Awards

If you are a Powell Intranet customer or partner and have embarked on a groundbreaking intranet project in 2023, this is your chance to shine. The Powell Intranet Excellence Awards are an invitation to showcase your achievements, innovations, and the impactful changes you’ve brought to your organization through the intranet.

Key Dates

Entries Open: October 30, 2023

Entries Close: November 13, 2023

Winners Announced: December 8, 2023

Powell Intranet Customer Awards

Award Categories & Criteria

There are six award categories, each recognizing specific aspects of intranet excellence. Powell Intranet partners and customers are welcome to enter one or several categories. Here’s an overview of the categories and their criteria:

Most Engaging Intranet

  • Who should enter? Organizations that have created an intranet platform that captivates and engages their employees effectively.
  • Criteria: Entries will be evaluated based on features that enhance employee engagement, such as user-generated content, social collaboration tools, gamification elements, and the ability to foster a sense of community and connection among employees.

Most Collaborative Intranet

  • Who should enter? Organizations that have harnessed the power of their Powell Intranet to foster collaboration and teamwork among employees.
  • Criteria: Entries will be judged on how much the intranet facilitates real-time collaboration, document sharing, project management, and cross-functional communication. Successful entrants will have demonstrated a tangible improvement in collaborative efforts.

Most Innovative Use of the Intranet

  • Who should enter? Organizations that have pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation by leveraging the Powell Intranet in unique and groundbreaking ways.
  • Criteria: Entries will be assessed on the originality and creativity of the intranet’s usage, its impact on the organization’s operations, and how it has redefined how employees work, collaborate, and solve problems.

Best Sustainability Initiative

  • Who should enter? Organizations that have successfully used their Powell Intranet to support and promote sustainable practices within their company.
  • Criteria: Entries will be evaluated based on the extent to which the intranet has been instrumental in implementing sustainability initiatives. For example, reducing environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly practices, including metrics like lowering carbon emissions, reducing paper usage, and employee engagement in sustainability efforts.

Best Example of Migrating from Publishing to Modern

  • Who should enter? Organizations that have effectively transitioned from SharePoint Publishing to modern with Powell Intranet, showcasing a successful migration process.
  • Criteria: We will consider the success of the migration process, improvements in content quality, increased user engagement, and how effectively the intranet has evolved to support collaborative content creation and management.

Largest Intranet Deployment

  • Powell Software will announce the winner of this category based on our customers’ intranet deployments in 2023. We will assess the size and scale of the intranet deployment, the number of users, geographic reach, and the successful management of a large and diverse user community.

Best 2023 Deployment for M365 Governance

  • Who should enter?  Organizations that have executed an outstanding deployment of Microsoft 365 (M365) Governance tools and solutions in 2023.
  • Criteria:  Entries will be evaluated based on the effectiveness and innovation demonstrated in their 2023 M365 Governance deployment, the smoothness of user adoption, the strength of data security and compliance measures, as well as scalability and user experience.

Best M365 Governance Framework

  • Who should enter?  Organizations that have developed and implemented an exemplary Microsoft 365 (M365) Governance Framework.
  • Criteria: Submissions will be assessed based on the comprehensiveness and adaptability of the M365 Governance Framework, the strength of policies and compliance measures, the ability to adapt to changing needs, efficient resource management, effective reporting, and successful outcomes.

Best Governance in Teams Education

  • Who should enter?  Educational institutions, organizations, or entities that have implemented a highly effective governance strategy within Microsoft Teams.
  • Criteria: The assessment will focus on integrating Teams into pedagogical processes, security and compliance measures, improved student engagement and innovative approaches, administrative efficiency, and the measurable impact on education.

Best “Business Templates” to Transform Collaboration in Teams

  • Who should enter?  Organizations that have successfully implemented Powell Teams “Business Templates” within Microsoft Teams.
  • Criteria:  Entries will be judged on the quality, usability, and customization options of provided business templates, their impact on collaboration and user adoption, as well as measurable effects and innovative features.

Why Should You Enter?

For Customers:

Participating in the Powell Intranet Excellence Awards allows you to showcase your organization’s innovative solutions and best practices in intranet development, enhancing your reputation and attracting potential clients, partners, and top talent.

For Partners:

Submitting your client success stories to the Powell Intranet Excellence Awards allows you to showcase your innovation and adaptability in delivering exceptional solutions while gaining well-deserved recognition for your outstanding projects.

How to Enter the Powell Intranet Excellence Awards 2023

  1. Choose Your Category: You can enter one or several categories. Please submit entries separately.
  2. Craft Your Written Entry: Keep it simple and concise. Tell us what makes your entry stand out.
  3. Gather Imagery: A picture tells a thousand words. Show us what your intranet project looks like.
  4. Wait Patiently: We’ll announce the winners on December 8th. Stay tuned for the moment of recognition.

Intranets have become the lifeblood of modern organizations, transforming how employees connect, collaborate, and engage with their work. The Powell Intranet Excellence Awards 2023 are your opportunity to showcase your exceptional intranet project, gain the recognition you deserve, and let your success story shine.

Don’t miss this chance to celebrate your achievements and be part of the journey towards a more innovative and connected digital workplace. The clock is ticking, and entries close on November 13th, 2023. Take the first step towards glory, and let us celebrate your achievements together.

Submit Your Entry to the Powell Intranet Excellence Awards 2023.

Powell Intranet Customer Awards

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