Is it time to return to the office? [New Data + Infographic]

by Yvonne Harris

There is one question that has been on everyone’s minds since March 2020, is it time to return to the office?

As two weeks of work from home slowly turn into two years, we asked you definitively, will we ever fully go back? Now we’re sharing the data and insights we uncovered.

Back to the Office: 

State of the Digital Workplace – 200+ Leaders Reveal Insights

Stitch DX and Powell Software surveyed 200 leaders in IT, HR, Internal Communications, and Marketing about the future of work. We wanted to understand how technology has affected workplace effectiveness, your expectations for the future of work, particularly in light of the pandemic, and the expectation of a return to the physical office.

What did we learn about the future of work?

The survey found the tools and technologies that enabled businesses to remain viable during the pandemic are critical to their ability to continue to succeed well beyond it. The communication and collaboration solutions businesses choose are more important than ever.

We have gathered some of the highlights from the survey in the infographic below. Check out the data (infographic), then read the report to learn more about what businesses need now and in the future.

What’s inside the report?

Over the summer of 2021, StitchDX and Powell Software gleaned insight from 200 leaders like you about the ‘return to the office’.  HR Managers, Internal comms Teams, IT and Marketing professionals offered their first-hand experience and learnings from the pandemic. Respondents also shared their expectations for the new normal, or perhaps the ‘never again normal’.

Some of the results confirmed workplace trends we have suspected to continue like the fact that:

  • 87% plan to offer remote work options
  • 7 in 10 are preparing to move to a hybrid workplace

Yet the number of businesses that prefer a complete return to the office, 13%, is surprising.

What are the takeaways from the report?

This new data has a wider impact, as more businesses move to remote working they are relying on digital tools more than ever. Respondents suggest that their virtual workspaces are becoming a number one priority.

At the same time, how they use those spaces is also evolving.

In the report, we dive deeper into the results and learn how business leaders, especially SMEs, are leveraging digital technologies to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity.


The data is fresh and the insights are actionable now.

The post-pandemic workplace will be the Digital Workplace. Are you ready?

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