Together – The small business communication & collaboration space

Whether the goal is to improve productivity, collaboration, or communication, small businesses are just as concerned by the issues of digital transformation as large companies.

Small business digital challenges

Microsoft Teams – the opportunity to bring everything together and simplify

It’s common to hear employees talk about the multitude of tools they have, the complexity in using them, and the training involved. In parallel, they complain of long, costly, and often ineffective change management projects.

Since its arrival, Microsoft Teams has seen a meteoric rise. Now adopted by over 145 million users worldwide, it’s established itself as a hub of daily life that centralizes the uses of Microsoft 365.

Simplifying digital tools

At Powell Software, we wanted to meet these challenges while leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams. So, we developed with Together, the small business intranet in Teams that meet your businesses’ productivity, business communication, and collaboration needs.

Together – the intranet in Teams and vice versa!

Together is simply an all-in-one space that meets the needs of employees and businesses in a single, simple, intuitive, and social interface.

Both a true corporate intranet and Teams, Together leverages both modes of information sharing: structured communication and formatting in the intranet, spontaneity, and collaboration in Teams.

Together helps companies promote corporate culture and interaction where employees want it: in Teams.

You no longer need to guess where to post the latest company news; the intranet or Teams? Now, the two are linked with Together.

This allows interaction in a unique way by really engaging employees to share and react to company news and events!

It is also ready-to-use thanks to a predefined and pre-configured template with the essential pages of a corporate intranet enhanced with Powell Software’s exclusive content: desk reservation tool, virtual coffee break, and virtual water cooler. The essentials for hybrid working.

Together for employees

A complete portal

Post, share, and exchange in one place by linking collaboration and business communication. Enjoy greater simplicity and maximize engagement

HR Hub

Gather knowledge, onboarding resources, career management, and job postings

Department pages

Each department is easily accessible to share and access ideas, projects, applications, information, and resources.

Virtual building

Access services that promote social connections, foster engagement, and facilitate the hybrid environment

Together for employees

Together for IT teams

Rapid deployment

Your intranet is ready to use. Deploy it in minutes to your entire organization

Integrated with Teams

Accessible from your Teams application, a browser or a mobile device, it is easy to access and use. Avoid a heavy management of change.


Take advantage of Microsoft security and keep your data in your environment


Your hub is always up to date and can be upgraded to another version according to your needs

Together for IT in Microsoft Teams

A deeper look at the small business intranet space

General portal

Employees access the general portal of their company to find company information.

  • Home – Display your company’s most important news, documents, and information.
  • My Company – Find a description and information of your business.
Together intranet portal

Research corner

Employees have quick access to company resources and information.

  • Company resources – Easily find the most important company documents and information with an advanced search page.
  • Glossary of terms – A dictionary that lists all explanations related to business and everyday terms
  • FAQ – An easy way to create and use all frequently asked questions.
  • Directory – Find all the contacts you need and their key information.
Together intranet portal

Tools and support

Support and IT teams can provide easy access to all the help they need by consolidating all services in one place.

  • Office Reservation – Reserve your office in a minute when you move to remote office work.
  • IT Department – Access your IT department information and processes.
  • Support – Get quick help by making support requests directly from the intranet.
  • Other Applications – Customize your Hub with your other third-party services and everyday Microsoft applications.
Together intranet portal

HR Hub

HR teams have a simple space with all the key headings and day-to-day HR services to welcome, manage and track employees.

  • News & Events – Communicate key information to all employees, from the field to the office.
  • Knowledge Center – Easy access to all learning materials to develop skills and competencies.
  • Integration – A simple integration space with all the training resources needed to quickly learn about the company.
  • Career & well-beingGet a quick overview of your career information and progress. Share your mood
  • Job offers – Have a clear overview of job offers to share on personal networks.
  • HR Tools – Quickly access all the company’s HR tools to easily make an expense, leave, or mobility request.
Together intranet portal

Corporate departments

Departments have their own space to consolidate all their specific information and resources for quick access and sharing.

  • Marketing & Communication – Share key marketing resources, products, and brand kits. Easily share content internally and externally.
  • Finance – A simple space with the main financial news and quick access to all the performance monitoring dashboards.
  • Sales – View all business, customer, and partner information, as well as legal and pricing documents.

… and any other departments you wish to add.

Together intranet portal

Connecting employees in the hybrid environment

HR teams can promote and maintain social connections with all employees through innovative features tailored to the hybrid workplace.

  • Virtual Coffee Machine – Automatically and randomly scheduled meetings for virtual coffee breaks and maintaining social connections at all levels.
  • Water cooler – Take a break and select a topic of conversation to easily start a discussion with your colleagues.
Together intranet portal

Together enables deployment of a Microsoft Viva-based experience

At Powell Software, employee engagement, business communication, and simplified collaboration are our focus. We provide digital workplace solutions adapted to the modern, hybrid work environment.

The arrival of Microsoft Viva represents an opportunity for Powell Software to enrich this digital workplace with even more relevant connections between the intranet and Teams.

Microsoft Viva provides access to enterprise content and information by bridging SharePoint and Microsoft Teams while simplifying information searching and centralizing it in Teams.

Powell Software not only offers our customers compatibility with Viva Connections but also the ability to simply generate the access experience as a button in Teams.

Also in a Team for a more collaborative environment

Together is accessible from a button in Teams, and also as a Microsoft Teams with preconfigured channels and tabs.



Discover Together, the small business communication and collaboration space in Teams, by Powell Software in 3min

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