Discover August Product News for Powell Intranet and Powell Governance

by Tamar Asatiani

Find out the new great features that came out



Site collection creation from the front based on a template

Imagine you do not have to have any IT skills or even – you do not have to do any complex customizations to deploy a site collection. At Powell, we have simplified this process so that even a simple contributor can easily deploy a new site.


Our new wizard will enable deploying site collections directly from the header (in front). You can access it from a button behind the wheel. You can already start using it and benefit from brand-new forms for creating sites based on a site template.

You must click the button and choose the desired template from our site template gallery.
*This enables deployment even for contributors who do not have access to Powell Manager

New Accessibility Options

Our users can now choose new accessibility options :

  • Contrast mode
  • Dyslexia front


  • We added Flexdesk information on the Powell Vcard
  • You can now use the standard Vcard instead of the Powell one


We are very proud of our Kudos functionality on Powell Intranet. With Kudos, we make sure employees feel valued and appreciated in the company.

This month, we’ve added several improvements to our fantastic Kudo functionality. Your Kudos Wall will now work with new filters. Also, you can now define Kudo as “unlimited,” allowing your users to send Kudo any number of times in a day. And last but not least, you can also specify an audience for a Kudo.

If you are not familiar with the Powell Intranet Kudo feature, here is a quick video:

Share Kudos in Powell Intranet & Show Your Employees Appreciation

If you want to go deeper and understand all the benefits Kudos functionality brings to the workplace, please view our full article on How to show your appreciation by sharing Kudos in Powell Intranet.

Visit Release Notes for August month for more detailed information.


G-Powell Governance


Refiners reworked on the user dashboard

The refiners and tag values are now better presented on the user dashboard on Powell Governance. Filters and teams displayed are now exclusive, and there is a new possibility to search for a tag value when the list of values is extensive.

Massive update on teams

Over time, teams require updating. Updating each team manually is a very time-consuming task for IT teams. With Powell Governance, IT can now deliver a massive team update with just a few clicks.

No more need to update one team at a time. You can trigger an update even for hundreds of teams altogether.


On the all teams” page, administrators can now select as many teams as they want and associate a template to all these teams through the button “associate a template.”

With this functionality, IT teams will no longer lose time updating each team manually. Powell governance will do the work for them.

Team updates from everywhere

We want to make the team edition a simple experience! We now offer team owners a new team edition process that makes managing governance rules within a team even more effortless. Team owners can now access the team edition tab interface from the user dashboard, the administration center, and directly in a team tab in MS teams.

Please find more detailed information about the new Powell Governance features in the August release notes.

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