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& Teams Governance

Powell Teams improves teamwork in Microsoft Teams to make it a collaboration experience that’s effortless, easy to manage and govern.

Powell Teams

For IT 

IT loves Powell Teams because of its governance framework. Set best practices to control the creation and use of Teams.

For Employees

End-users get an enhanced experience with features like a Virtual Coffee Machine, ready-to-go Teams, and simplified navigation.

For HR

Engaging employees is easier with Powell Teams. Create accessible collaboration spaces that streamline activities like employee onboarding.


Intranet Adoption

Create a ready to go Team in under 3 minutes 


Repetitive activities

10% less time spent on repetitive activities


Lifecycle management

80% less time on lifecycle management


Teams organization

Find the right Team & latest docs in 3 clicks


Manage Teams Governance

Prevent Teams sprawl and bad habits forming. Manage the full Microsoft Teams lifecycle with Powell Teams.


microsoft Governance

All the rules you need to control Teams creation and use are there. Define your strategies and simply apply your policies to secure best practices. Ensure Teams are properly created with an assisted experience for end-users through a framework. The Powell Teams Bot simplifies governance through automation.

everywhere Controlled Team Creation

Easily approve all Teams. Let users create the Teams they need and get them approved by a Powell Admin to overcome Teams sprawl.

attractive powell intranet solution Teams Management

More than just governance, Powell Teams allows admins to manage and edit Teams and their information through a dedicated dashboard and advanced reports.

Microsoft Teams Governance best practices

Organized Teamwork Space

Don’t get lost in information overload. Simplify navigation and search to quickly find what you’re looking for in Microsoft Teams.


platform easy to use Find Teams & Channels

Overcome Teams sprawl with a smart dashboard. Filter your Teams and navigate easily to quickly find what you’re looking for.

browser  Find Information & Documents

Remove information overload with quick access to the latest information and documents through Team cards and a powerful search engine.


Effortless Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams’ efficiency starts with simplicity. Collaborate instantly and effortlessly on collective and repetitive activities through ready-to-use Team spaces.


simple powell intranet Teams Templates

Powell Teams offers a catalog of ready-to-use and customizable templates to collaborate on tasks like Sales RFPs. Easily create a Team that’s predefined, preconfigured, and preloaded with everything you need.

customizable platform Automation

Powell Teams simplifies collaboration and can even get things done for you. Automatically create Teams on receipt of an email or through an action triggered in a business application like the CRM.

Learn more about Powell Teams templates

Works with Your Company Intranet

Get direct access to corporate resources and information with your intranet in Teams. Drive employee engagement and productivity.


Microsoft teams Bridged Intranet

Take advantage of Microsoft Teams user-centricity and incorporate your company intranet in Teams to better connect employees. Build smart bridges to quickly access corporate resources and information, boosting productivity and engagement.

Discover Powell Intranet


Discover what you can do with Powell Teams

IT teams appreciate Powell Teams for governance and lifecycle management, employees and HR love our social and collaboration tools

Virtual Coffee Machine & Water Fountain Cooler

Stay social in the hybrid workplace with the Virtual Coffee Machine. Bring people together in Teams at a time that suits everyone, with minimal planning. Allow teams that wouldn’t usually meet to gather and share social moments. Get the Microsoft Teams coffee break app you’ve been searching for.

Worried that teams will have nothing to talk about? We’ve got you covered. The Water Fountain Cooler suggests topics for conversation and is accessible in your channel during a coffee call.

Virtual Coffee Machine

How it works:

  • Add the Virtual Coffee Machine to the Teams channel
  • Choose the days and times for the coffee break
  • Channel members are randomly assigned to a break at a time that suits their calendar
  • Animate conversation with suggested topics from the Water Fountain Cooler
  • Bring remote teams together from around the world, Powell Teams does the planning for you


Remote Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new hires who have never stepped foot in the office is a challenge for HR managers, but one which can be overcome with Powell Software templates for your intranet and Teams.

Intranet templates allow admins to easily create a dedicated HR space that regroups all the information employees need in their first few days. When your company is scaling quickly, onboarding new hires fast is critical.

Onboarding Templates

What you can do:

  • Create a dedicated onboarding space in the intranet with all the information newcomers need
  • Create a private Microsoft Team linked to the intranet
  • Connect HR, the newcomer, their manager, and buddy in a Team
  • Provide new hires with everything they need to get started

Sales RFPs

Requests for Proposals (RFP) are a common sales process involving intense collaboration between sales, technical, and legal teams to identify the right opportunities and win business. It’s also time-sensitive and repetitive!

Save time and take the complexity out of the Sales RFP process with Powell Software templates.


What you can do:

  • Automatically trigger an RFP Team on receipt of an email
  • Integrate the sales intranet into Microsoft Teams
  • Manage opportunities in a dedicated channel
  • Set up automatic approvals
  • Access a preconfigured task plan

See Powell Teams In Action

Get started today!

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Teamwork & Collaboration Whitepaper

Teamwork and collaboration is a winning formula.

Get the guide and foster collective success.

Download the whitepaper and learn: 

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  • Best practices to fostering a culture that encourages people to work together
  • Collaboration tools to facilitate and enhance teamwork


Success Stories Théa Pharma

Théa achieved collaboration success with Powell Teams

Download the Powell Teams success story and learn how:

  • IT can easily implement best practices to control Teams
  • End-users can leverage templates to instantly collaborate
  • Powell Teams met Théas two priorities: governance and simplifying uses



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