Powell 365 transforms the Microsoft Teams Experience

by Esther Daga


Powell Intranet, the pioneering portal for native Office 365 integration, announces new updates that transform the use of the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. 


With these latest updates, Powell Intranet provides an answer for two of the big challenges faced by companies during the deployment of Microsoft Teams: 


  1. How to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Teams with a personalized and unique user experience
  2. How to set up a simplified governance for all the Teams created within an organization 


Powell Intranet supports users in organizing their numerous active Teams.
It allows your employees to 
easily navigate and categorize their Teams as well as offer them an overview directly from their Powell 365 portal.
Multiple features have been designed to make navigation and search more fluid: 

– A personalized dashboard of all the activities of your Teams (latest documents, news…)
 Teams creation based on specific templates configured to address specific needs (Ex: Teams for engineering projects, Teams for marketing events, etc.)
– Recommendations to find the right people to add to each Team based on different criteria like expertise, location, etc. 


The second goal of Powell Intranet is to help businesses in the management of Microsoft Teams.
It allows 
the streamlining of Microsoft Teams governance and industrialization thanks to the following new features: 

– The creation of dedicated Teams templates composed of specific channels, tabs and SharePoint site templates.
– The addition of metadata based on tags to filter your Teams
– The identification of similar Teams to avoid duplicates 


With these new updates, Powell Intranet is committed to streamlining the Microsoft Teams user experience and will continue to deliver new end-user and governance capabilities in the coming months.  

Encourage collaboration and facilitate Microsoft Teams adoption with Powell 365. Deploy Microsoft Teams quickly and efficiently and enhance your employee experience!  

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