Discover February Product News for Powell Intranet and Powell Governance

by Tamar Asatiani

Find out the new great features that came out.



Several improvements on the FlexDesk tool

We’ve added some exciting features to our Flexdesk tool to give you a more complete and seamless experience. You can now zoom in on the map to see desks in more detail, with icons of people who reserve desks and available materials to select and filter desks according to your needs.

Improved way to contribute to page translations for intranet contributors

Creating pages in the context of page translation can be difficult for users these days. We’re proud to add new options for contributors to help them easily create, edit, and translate content.
Contributors can now create content in languages other than the one imposed by the site language. They can also make changes to existing languages ​​in edit mode without editing each language individually.

Find out how to translate multilingual content with Powell Intranet from our video series

The “Combined Search” contest

Remember our great Combined search webpart?

This web part allows you to present content from different sources in a beautiful way.

Here at Powell Software, we are organizing a contest to let you build your own Combined Search web-part!

Prepare for the March contest and design your combined search web part. Do better than us!


*If you need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Include any functionality of your portal directly into your Microsoft Teams environment.

Powell Intranet goes a step further than Microsoft Viva Connections, providing the ability to build an app based on any site collection directly from the intranet.

Imagine having any site collection you wish as an application directly in your Teams. Site owners can manage as many apps as they want and add them as buttons in Microsoft Teams.

This feature is ideal for those looking to benefit from tools like Flexdesk or Carpooling directly from their Microsoft Teams environment and drive employee adoption.

New seasonal themes

We have designed a new Seasonal theme for you- Superbowl!


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