5 Reasons Why You Still Need A Corporate Intranet

November 2nd, 2017 by Esther Daga


The corporate intranet is not dead.


The kind of intranet that you are thinking of right now probably is – old, clunky, difficult to navigate and ugly. The intranets that we are talking about are sleek, easy to navigate, engaging and aesthetically pleasing; we consider them content and collaboration portals that come with numerous advantages for your organization.

Slater Hill and Powell Software were prompted to write this post and infographic after reading these statistics about employee engagement [1]:

  • 70% of employees in the U.S. are not engaged at work.


but note that:

  • Connected teams are 20-25% more efficient; and
  • Employees are design-focused – unless it’s properly designed, fewer than 50% of employees will use the intranet on a day to day basis.

From our experience of implementing modern intranets in different size organizations, and receiving feedback from our clients on the positive turnaround in employee engagement, we can confidently share 5 reasons why you still need a corporate intranet:

Increased productivity for your teams

An intranet can: reduce email use; allow for quicker responses on small to medium issues; make information easy to find; give your team access to all the tools and information they need to effectively perform in their role.

Easy collaboration

Whether your team are in the same location or not, an intranet makes it possible for your team to: communicate freely; easily exchange ideas; share documents with one another; complete work together; interact with different teams and remain aware of what each team is working on.

Strong company culture

Easy collaboration and communication fosters an environment for your team to interact and get to know one another, especially if you incorporate a social element into your intranet; and the company can use the intranet as a space to publish news and announcements, to communicate company culture, to recognize employees and teams, and to gather feedback.

Secure knowledge management

An intranet provides one central place to store all your company documents, that are always up-to-date and can be accessed by anyone on your team; ensures that staff turnover doesn’t affect access to knowledge; and tools like search ensure that employees can find the information they need to perform their jobs.

An engaged, connected workforce

A well-designed and modern intranet transforms the employee experience to promote efficiency, growth, innovation and connectedness – all key ingredients of an engaged workforce.

Check out the infographic below:


5 Reasons Why You Still Need a Corporate Intranet

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