[Video Series] How to Streamline Your Internal Communications with Powell Intranet

by Yvonne Harris

We are excited to announce a new video series focused on demonstrating how Internal Communications and HR managers can use Powell Intranet to streamline processes and improve communications.

The series, which consists of six short videos, is presented by Yvonne Harris, Marketing Campaigns Manager, and Tamar Asatiani, Product Marketing Manager at Powell Software.

Is this video series for you?

We think you will enjoy this series if you are a Comms or HR Manager, but the information presented is relevant to anyone who creates intranet content. Whether you’re in Marketing, Comms, HR, or any other department, the tips and tricks covered in the series will help you make the most of Powell Intranet. You might be an existing customer looking to get more from your intranet, or you’re just considering your intranet options and intrigued by what Powell offers. Either way, everyone is welcome!

What will you learn?

Each episode dives into a different aspect of using Powell Intranet, including what an intranet is and why comms and HR managers use one, how to simplify content creation, how to easily target information to specific employees, how to mark documents and content as mandatory reading, how to translate content into multiple languages, and how to change your intranet theme in just a few clicks.

Episode 1 | What is an intranet?

In the first episode, Yvonne and Tamar provide an overview of what an intranet is and why it’s important for internal communications and HR. They discuss how an intranet can help you centralize information, reduce email clutter, and provide a one-stop shop for employees to find the information they need.

Episode 2 | Simplify intranet content creation

The second episode focuses on simplifying content creation in Powell Intranet. Yvonne and Tamar demonstrate how easy it is to add content to Powell Intranet, including creating news articles, uploading files, and sharing links. They also cover best practices for creating engaging content that employees will want to read.

Episode 3 | How to easily target intranet content?

In the third episode, Yvonne and Tamar show you how to easily target information to specific employees. They cover how to create different audience groups, assign news articles and documents to specific groups, and ensure that each employee only sees relevant information.

Episode 4 | Mandatory & must-read intranet content

In the fourth episode, Yvonne and Tamar discuss how to mark documents and content as mandatory reading. They show you how to set up mandatory reading lists, track who has read each piece of content, and send reminders to employees who still need to complete their required reading.

Episode 5 | How to translate multilingual content in an intranet

In the fifth episode, Yvonne and Tamar cover how to translate content into multiple languages. They demonstrate how easy it is to create translations for news articles and documents, and how to ensure that every employee can access information in their preferred language.

Episode 6 | Change your intranet theme in 3 clicks

Finally, in the sixth episode, Yvonne and Tamar show you how to change your intranet theme in just a few clicks. They cover how to choose from various pre-designed themes, customize colors and fonts, and create a cohesive look and feel for your intranet that reflects your brand.

Where can you tune in and share?

The Powell Intranet video series is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their internal communications and streamline their processes. With six short, informative videos, Yvonne and Tamar provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you get the most out of Powell Intranet. Be sure to check out the series on our YouTube channel and share it with your colleagues.

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