TDCSS worked with Powell Software to build out their internal communications infrastructure

by Esther Daga

This is the story of how TDCSS successfully realized their goal to establish a digital workplace that acted as the digital hub for their employees to work within.

With little communication and collaboration between employees across various tools, TDCSS felt that the Office 365 Suite was too broad of a tool for employees to utilize effectively, and that they were not getting the most value from their license. After doing their due diligence and reviewing the many intranet products that are available from around the world, TDCSS decided upon Powell 365 as the tool that would develop their digital workplace into a pillar of their success.



  • Office 365 suite was too broad of a tool for employees to utilize effectively
  • No centralized location to access and manage organizational information
  • Limited collaboration and communication between employees
  • No formal onboarding process for new employees


  • Communication platform that motivated employees to work together
  • Aesthetic intranet to keep employees engaged
  • Employee profiles created for each user in order to connect employees across all offices
  • Integration of Office 365 suite into one ‘single pane of glass’ to make utilizing tools easier and more convenient

Technology Behind the Solution

The communication platform sits on top of SharePoint and incorporates Office 365 tools in such an engaging way that most companies see an 80% increase in usage, thanks to the platform. Plus, Powell 365 includes over 70 customizable ready-to-use SharePoint templates that simplify platform creation, offering a lower cost alternative to a custom build. Powell 365 resonated well with TDCSS and was a flexible, full-cloud solution that combined SPFX webparts.


  • Organizational spike in Office 365 usage
  • Immediate employee adoption
  • Information could be efficiently accessed across the entire organization
  • Internal servers were no longer needed

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