Understanding the Value of Powell 365 with the SharePoint Modern Experience

September 6th, 2017 by Esther Daga

 The Latest SharePoint Evolutions

SharePoint On-line evolved a lot in the last months. We moved from the old school 2013 interface to the future, in minutes. It is not only the UX, technically everything has changed. This is the most trending discussion I have with partners and customers. The Modern Experience and the SharePoint new Framework (SPFx) are everywhere and the ultimate question is always the same:

“How can you manage these evolutions with Powell 365 & Powell Manager, the “SharePoint Designer” tool behind Powell 365?”

Powell 365 is the digital workplace for Office 365 and SharePoint On-Premises. It is an intranet solution that optimizes the user experience to develop communication and collaboration between your teams, a social company culture and a productive workplace. Powell 365 is an evergreen solution that evolves every month via the powerful design tool, Powell Manager.

Powell Manager is the WISYWIG tool that brings your collaborative intranet to life with the latest Office 365 features and Powell 365 innovations. Today, thanks to Powell manager, we support 100% of the Modern Experience features and the SharePoint new framework SPFx.


#1 – Create your modern templates in minutes without any development.


In Powell Manager designer tool, you can prepare your site template based on communication sites and Modern team sites within a simple interface:

  • Add your modern pages
  • Add your SPFx web parts provided by SharePoint, Powell365 or any custom development in the page and preconfigure them.
  • Add your list templates
  • Add extend properties to class and order your future sites based on this template (department, expiration date, country, customer, topic…)


#2 – Control your deployment

 Powell 365 Deployment

In Powell Manager, you can deploy your modern templates in SharePoint based on your required organization.

  • You can manage 3 environments (Development, Testing, Production) in multi tenants or not.
  • You can track which templates are in used in your SharePoint portals
  • You can also use them within Microsoft Groups and organize them with the extended properties
  • You can update your existing sites in one click when you modify a template.


#3 – Extend the functionalities with the Powell SPFx web parts or any custom SPFx web parts

Powell Manager
Powell Manager, the “SharePoint Designer” tool behind Powell 365


Modern template built with Powell Manager support:

  • All Microsoft SPFx web parts
  • All Powell 365 SPFx web parts (30+)
  • All custom SPFx web parts


You are not limited to our value proposition, you can upload any SPFx package (your development, 3rd part solution or license free projects) to Powell Manager and we will automatically make the web parts available in all your Powell site templates with the ability to pre-configure the web parts before the deployment.


We also support automatic full life cycle deployment of the components without any manual configuration.


#4 – Benefits from the enterprise search center features in the Modern Experience


With the Powell 365 search web parts, you can retrieve the full enterprise search features in the modern experience to build advanced scenarios based on your needs:

  • Powell Search box web part with Delve suggestions, “do you mean…?” function, scope search…
  • Powell Search refiner web part
  • Powell Search result web part with more than 20+ templates and custom queries.


#5 – Unify the branding and navigation across your sites collection


ModernTeamSite with Powell 365 header & footer

With the support of the SPFx extension feature in Powell 365 you can unify your header and footer wherever you are (publishing sites, modern team sites, communication sites) to provide a seamless experience:

  • a global role-based navigation on-line, on-premises and hybrid
  • simplified contribution without the need to go in the back office
  • Notification hub to centralize all the newest content (news, events, documents, yammer conversation….)
  • App manager for all your company apps
  • Favorites sites quick access
  • Unified design based on your company’s branding



  • Support of the new SharePoint framework – in production
  • Support of modern team site templates – in production
  • SPFx extensions for header and footer – released immediately once the feature moves to “Early adopter” status
  • Communication site and modern layout – end of August
  • Powell SPFx web parts (full released) – end of September



For more information about the SharePoint Modern Experience with Powell 365 or the evolution of Powell Manager, contact us today!

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