Powell Buddy: The AI Assistant Revolutionizing Content Creation on Powell Intranet

by Tamar Asatiani

Dive into the world of Powell Software’s latest innovation, “Powell Buddy”. This article unveils the transformative potential of Generative AI in the realm of intranet content creation.

A true representation of the digital workplace of the future, Powell Buddy aims to seamlessly assist users in creating meaningful and impactful content while keeping user-friendliness at its core. Join us on this exploration and see how AI is reshaping our engagement with intranet platforms. Try Powell Buddy for yourself with our interactive tour.


Powell Software’s New AI Tool for a Better Intranet

Introducing innovative technologies has always been at the heart of our mission at Powell Software. Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened up endless possibilities to enrich the user experience on Powell Intranet. Thus, Powell Buddy was born, your personal assistant for more intuitive content creation. This innovation aligns perfectly with our vision of AI, as articulated in our article AI powering the intranet.

The Foundations of Powell Buddy

Powell Buddy acts as your personal assistant whenever you embark on creating content for your intranet. As you initiate the content creation process, Powell Buddy seamlessly appears alongside the regular Content Creation form, ready to assist. It aids in crafting engaging Titles, Descriptions, and full-bodied Articles, making populating your intranet with meaningful content a breeze.

  1. Ready-to-Use Use Cases: The first cornerstone of Powell Buddy lies in a series of ready-to-use use cases. These preconfigured scenarios stem from our deep understanding of the most addressed topics in the corporate intranet environments. This configuration allows for quick adoption and relevant content generation from the get-go.
  2. Real Cost Control: Mindful of budget constraints, we ensured that using Powell Buddy is economically viable. Instead of a high flat rate per contributor, the billing is based on the real costs of usage, allowing for more precise and adapted financial management.

Simplified User Experience

Our goal has always been to make the interaction with Powell Buddy as natural and simple as possible. Let’s consider an example of a contributor wanting to create an announcement regarding a new HR policy. Powell Buddy then proposes a series of key questions:

  • What is the policy or procedure?
  • What are the benefits of the policy or procedure?
  • How will it be implemented?
  • What are the implications for employees?

By providing answers to these questions, Powell Buddy gathers the necessary inputs to generate a very relevant first draft of the article. This interactive approach guides the contributor while ensuring the relevance of the generated content.

Towards Flexible Governance and Hosting

  1. Governance and Customer Feedback: AI governance and ongoing engagement with our customers form the cornerstone of our continuous improvement approach. Discussions and user feedback are essential to fine-tuning Powell Buddy and making it even more suited to corporate needs.
  2. Hosting Options: Currently, we offer a client-hosting option via Microsoft Azure OpenAI. However, we are also considering a turnkey offer hosted by Powell Software to simplify access to this revolutionary technology further while meeting security and performance requirements.

Powell Buddy: Elevating the Digital Workspace with AI

In conclusion, Powell Buddy embodies our vision of an augmented digital workplace where technology naturally supports collaborators in their daily tasks. We invite you to contact Powell Software for a demonstration of Powell Buddy and discover how generative AI can transform your content creation process on Powell Intranet.



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