Review, refer, we donate: Impact Together with Powell Software

by Yvonne Harris

Make a difference while giving back! Introducing Impact Together, our new program that rewards our customers and partners for sharing your experiences with Powell Software while supporting worthy causes you care about. With each action you take, Powell Software donates to a cause you choose. It’s a win-win: you get to shape a better world, and we gain valuable feedback to keep improving.

Why are we launching this reward initiative?


“Impact Together embodies our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) ​and our emphasis on building stronger bonds with our community ​while shaping a better world. More meaningful than a gift card, more sustainable than goodies & creating real impact for chosen charities”

Alban Van Assel, Director Customer Experience, Powell Software


What is Impact Together?


Impact Together was launched by the Powell Software customer success team, in association with Captain Cause, to recognize our loyal customers while supporting worthy causes through ‘difts’ [a donation + gift].

In short, Powell Software offers a pre-paid donation to a worthy cause as a thank-you for reviewing us on G2, participating in a testimonial, or acting as a reference.

Once you complete an action, you can pick one of six pre-selected causes Powell Software will donate to on your behalf through Captain Cause. By working with Captain Cause, we don’t limit our donations to one charity. Instead, we allow you to choose the cause that speaks to you.



Powell Software Captain Cause

What is Captain Cause?


Captain Cause was launched in 2022 to help businesses connect with charities focused on environmental and social issues. They choose reputable charities with clearly defined projects and measurable impact, which contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Captain Cause supports around one hundred projects, hand-picked after evaluating the following six areas:

  1. Financial stability
  2. Governance & values
  3. Transparency & monitoring
  4. Entrepreneurial spirit, agility & ambition
  5. Willingness to have a large-scale, systemic impact
  6. Innovation & efficiency

What are the benefits of the Impact Together program?


For you – Powell customers and partners get to support worthwhile causes that align with your beliefs. You take the time to share your experience with us, we donate on your behalf. Your contribution will have a positive impact on communities globally.

For us – We’re not completely selfless. Your reviews, testimonials, and referrals allow us to improve and grow.

For the world – Six worthwhile causes get financial support to run projects that make a real difference to the earth and its inhabitants.


How does it work?


1.    Take action

Review us on G2, create a testimonial, or refer us to your network.

Review us on G2:

G2 is a trusted software marketplace that over 90 million people use annually to make software decisions based on honest customer reviews and experiences. It’s a tool for reading feedback about software providers and helping you decide if a tool is right for you.

At Powel Software, we appreciate every G2 review. Whether you leave us the most glowing feedback or suggest areas where we can improve – we value your opinion.

Your experience with our solutions is extremely valuable to our network, so we want to reward it. If you take the time to write us a G2 review, we’ll thank you through our new ‘Impact Together’ program by donating to a charity of your choice.



Participate in a testimonial

There is so much to learn from your digital workplace journey. That’s why we’d love to share your story with the world. If you agree to participate in a testimonial with us, our team will prepare a written questionnaire and share it with you. You can fill in the questionnaire, jump on a call to discuss it or agree to a video testimonial. We will then format your answers into a written or video testimonial. You have the final say before we publish anything.

Discover our customer success stories here


Provide a reference

Word-of-mouth suggestions from our trusted network are the best reviews. When you refer Powell Software to your network, it’s the greatest praise we could get! So, if you recommend us to anyone in your network looking for digital workplace solutions, we’ll thank you with a donation to a charity on your behalf!


2.    Selection

Captain Cause works with over 90 charities that support worthwhile projects worldwide. With the help of our team, we narrowed it down to six causes that spoke most to us.



Charity: Beuval Nature

Project: Nature Guardians committed to biodiversity

The funds raised by Beauval Nature enable them to finance, through field NGOs, the employment of local populations to carry out actions in favor of biodiversity: jobs that benefit nature and, therefore, the communities themselves, whose members are informed, feel involved, and benefit from a sustainable source of income.

Charity: ALIMA

Project: Humanitarian medicine transformed

ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action) is a medical humanitarian organization founded in 2009 to bring quality healthcare to communities impacted by health crises. It is known for its expertise in maternal and child health, malnutrition treatment, response to epidemics and emerging diseases, and research and innovation.

Charity: Couer de Foret

Project: Preserving Bolivia’s forests and their bees

Cœur de Forêt conducts reforestation campaigns in Bolivia’s Yungas region in partnership with communities. In addition, Cœur de Forêt trains and accompanies beekeepers towards ecological transition, with the objectives of generating additional income for populations, raising awareness about the use of chemicals on bees, and reinforcing the positive impact on biodiversity as this promotes pollinator diversity.

Charity: Bibliothèques Sans Frontières

Project: Ideas Boxes to give the most vulnerable access to education

BSF’s flagship tool is the Ideas Box, a media library in kit form that can be rapidly deployed in any field. It brings educational and cultural content, fun, and pedagogy to vulnerable communities. Designed by Philippe Starck, this multimedia and learning center contains books, computers, tablets, board games, creative materials, and a cinema and can accommodate up to 50 people.

Charity: Planète Mer

Project: A coral reef preservation program in Indonesia

Yaf Keru is an ambitious local development program supported by Planète Mer, in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, around protecting and restoring 3 to 5 ha of coral reefs by the end of 2025. The rehabilitation of 1 ha of coral reefs damaged by dynamite fishing should restore numerous fishing resources in the project’s first year.

Charity: WeTechCare

Project: Educational content to help the digitally excluded

WeTechCare has created the LesBonsClics project, to help those in the field to take action for the digital inclusion of audiences in difficulty. LesBonsClics is a web platform offering free, turnkey educational content to train people with digital challenges. LesBonsClics also provides webinars to raise awareness of digital issues among social players and share best practices.


3.    Confirmation

VERY IMPORTANT: Once your action is complete & you’ve chosen your cause, let us know!

For G2 reviews and referrals, email us telling us what you have done.

For customer testimonials, the action is complete once your testimonial is live. Once we have confirmed your action, your work is done.




4.    Donation

Finally, we donate to your chosen cause. It’s straightforward, simple, and direct to the cause!


How can you get involved?


If you’re a Powell Software customer or partner, you can join the initiative now. Simply complete an action (G2 review, testimonial, or referral), tell us, and select your cause.

“At Powell Software, every customer interaction is a chance to promote positive change. Our Impact Together program embodies this by transforming digital engagement into meaningful social impact, proving that together, we can shape a better future.”

Esther Daga, CMO at Powell Software

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