Powell Software the Complete Digital Workplace for Hybrid Work 

by Yvonne Harris

The world of work has changed for good and employees will no longer be routinely in the office. With some staff at home and others at their desks, hybrid work is becoming the new norm. 

This change to our work practices came about so suddenly that not everyone was prepared to move to remote work, and it has taken time to adjust. However, now that people have settled into new routines, it’s time to focus on creating a sustainable digital workplace that accommodates hybrid working.  

What is the digital workplace? 

Finding an authoritative definition of a digital workplace can be difficult. However, a digital workplace is simply a technology streamlining multiple tools and applications into a single platform. At its best, it is accessible to employees no matter where they’re located, at any time, across any device.   

With companies moving to hybrid work to ensure safe workspaces, a digital workplace has become more important than ever. Employees can alternate between remote and in-office work in a hybrid work model. Employees need easy access to information and to fully collaborate with co-workers regardless of where they work. 

A hybrid work model has become necessary for several reasons. First, offices have had to adapt to ensure enough space between employees to allow safe social distancing. More space between staff naturally leads to less room for desks and smaller numbers of employees in the office. The result is that it is not feasible for all staff to be physically in the office 

Second, after months of imposed work from home, some employees have thrived and want to continue remote work. Organizations have recognized that remote working should remain an option for some or all staff. 60% of employees want more flexibility in where and when they finish their work. Offering flexibility is a great first step. However, it needs to be supported with digital tools that make transitioning between home and the office easy. A digital workplace can provide this solution.  

Why do remote workers need digital tools? 

Powell Teams

Remote working looks likely to stay long-term, and sustainable solutions are needed to keep employees and organizations happy and productive. A study by BCG found that employees satisfied with their digital tools are twice as likely to be productive in remote working.

Any solution must, however, take into account both remote and in-office employees. In a hybrid workforce, employees need consistent communication from a central point and the ability to collaborate with co-workers from anywhere. They also need to be able to access information and documents easily and securely. Employees must also have a sense of belonging and feel part of the company.   

Powell Software: A complete digital workplace solution 

At Powell Software, our mission is to connect organizations with employees through a complete digital workplace. We achieve this through Powell Software, a two-pillar solution: Powell Intranet for corporate communications and employee engagement, and Powell Governance to enhance Microsoft Teams with IT governance and improved usage and adoption for end-users. Our ready-to-use and customizable templates combine these pillars to help transform business processes for hybrid work. 

Organizations no longer need to choose an Intranet or Teams to engage with employees. Combining both tools is the ideal solution to ensure effective communication and collaboration. Powell Software bridges Microsoft Teams and Powell Intranet to provide a complete digital workplace composed of two pillars.  

Powell Governance for better collaboration 

The collaboration pillar. The sudden adoption of Microsoft Teams by millions has led to the sprawl of virtual teams. Too many teams and a lack of organization can leave users lost in a haze of messages and documents. Powell Governance solves this with an easy-to-use homepage that allows users to find their favorite Teams and view the latest key information. IT can put in place governance, control the creation and life cycle of teams, and secure best practices using guided templates. 

Powell Intranet for improved communication 

The communication pillar. With hybrid work becoming the new norm, organizations must guarantee the inclusion of all employees. An important part of this is ensuring that everyone receives the same information. It’s also crucial to keep a social link at all levels of the organization and maintain a sense of belonging. An Intranet is a perfect solution. Powell Intranet allows Human Resources and Internal Communication teams to build an agile intranet with a modern design that is easy to install and update.  

Powell Governance and Powell Intranet are easily interlinked, to ensure a seamless transition between the two. With Powell Software, you can access your Intranet directly from Microsoft Teams and vice versa. Users don’t even need to leave the Microsoft Teams app to access the Intranet, it’s accessible in one click.  By integrating both platforms into the tools employees use daily, you can ensure they get important information, have access to all the knowledge they need, and can easily communicate.  

Powell 365

Things to consider in your digital workplace solution  

1. Future proof solutions

If you’re considering the next step in transitioning to a hybrid work model, consider what digital tools you currently have in place. Have you adapted to the modern work world? Are you confident in your ability to face future challenges? Your digital workplace should be adaptable and make you feel secure to take on the modern workplace. Future-proof your organization with a digital workplace model that is continuously updated and relevant 

2. Facilitate remote and in-person work

Facilitating inperson and remote work can be difficult. However, with the right digital workplace, a hybrid work model can present serious benefits to staff morale, customer experience, and, ultimately, the bottom line. Ensure your teams can collaborate wherever they are in the world. Get the right messages to people with no language barriers. The right digital workplace solution needs to include both in-person and remote staff. Make it inclusive, with Powell Intranet and our FlexDesk widget, employees can reserve their physical desk for the days they’re in office. Safely facilitating employee presence. 

3. Provide the right tools for effective communication and collaboration

Managing a remote and in-person team requires careful planning and a change of mentality. Ensure your organization is ready to move with a solution that bridges communication and collaboration software. With Powell Software, ensure employees have all the necessary information and can work together effectively. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Powell Software can help your organization move to hybrid work, schedule a demo today. Our team is experts in digital workplace solutions and can help you get yours up and running 

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