[On Demand] In Discussion with HIRSCHTEC on the Role of Tech in Hybrid work

by Yvonne Harris

Tune into this on-demand short webinar and discover how HIRSCHTEC made the move to hybrid work thanks to open discussions and the right technology.

In this replay from the New Normal Summit by Powell Software, Lutz HIRSCH, CEO of HIRSCHTEC discusses the need for the right tech to support flexible working.

Lutz Hirsch, CEO of HIRSCHTEC discusses the need for technology in the move to hybrid work. He also explores how his organization made the move to hybrid a smooth transition by having open discussions, like which meetings need to be done in person or online.

Tune into this on-demand session and learn how to make the move to hybrid work a success.

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Lutz Hirsch is CEO of HIRSCHTEC. In 2005, the physics graduate founded the full-service agency for digital workplaces, which has offices in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Vienna, and Zurich in addition to its headquarters in Hamburg. HIRSCHTEC is specialized in the introduction of social intranets, employee apps, and collaboration solutions. Its mission: to optimally shape the rapidly changing digital world of digital work for people and companies and to sustainably increase the digital fitness of organizations. According to the BVDW 2021 ranking, HIRSCHTEC is one of the 50 largest digital agencies in Germany.

Lutz Hirsch

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