LiftFund partnered with Powell Software to establish ‘LiftNet’

by Esther Daga

Although LiftFund had found great success as a non-profit organization and became a strong pillar within their community, the decision was made in June 2018 to make some changes to the company infrastructure. Their intranet at the time was outdated and had limited functionality, which hampered the company’s overall growth and success. After much research and due diligence into the feasibility of developing their own in-house SharePoint Intranet, the decision was ultimately made to implement a Powell 365 intranet.

Calling upon the expertise of SharePoint Solution Partner RSM in order to further assist with the project and facilitate in the site implementation, Powell Software and LiftFund had the new site deployed in less than 3 months.

This is the story of how LiftFund successfully realized their goal to transform their digital workplace.


  • Old intranet had limited functionality and was difficult to update and maintain
  • Security on the previous intranet was not optimal
  • Existing tools were not utilized efficiently and effectively
  • Onboarding process for new employees needed improvement


  • Low code/no code intranet design and implementation plan
  • Aesthetic digital workplace where employees would remain motivated and engaged
  • Site updates managed through Powell Manager

Technology Behind the Solution

The communication platform sits on top of SharePoint and incorporates Office 365 tools in such an engaging way that most companies see an 80% increase in usage, thanks to the platform. Plus, Powell 365 includes over 70 customizable ready-to-use SharePoint templates that simplify platform creation, offering a lower cost alternative to a custom build. Powell 365 resonated well with LiftFund and was a flexible, full-cloud solution that combined SPFX webparts.


  • A customized solution completed within three months
  • Improved organizational communication and collaboration
  • Empowered employees by training librarians (key users) to manage their documents themselves
  • Increased the number of employees utilizing the company intranet
  • Decreased time for IT to manage and maintain the site
  • Positive employee feedback with a successful adoption process

Download the Case Study

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