Intranet Best Practices: 8 Keys for User Adoption

by Esther Daga

Follow these 8 tips to make your intranet more compelling

So, you’ve upgraded your collaborative intranet. Now, how do you get employees to adapt to this new digital workplace? The key is to make it compelling. Follow these 8 tips to make your intranet more compelling and ease user adoption of your new corporate intranet!

1. Make it inviting

It must be beautiful and make people want to come because it looks nice. This is more than just content. You don’t want to have a plain vanilla intranet or an out of the box theme. It is better to spice it up a bit! Make it look attractive. Honor your employees and make your internal sites just as sexy as your public sites.

2. Easy to use

Make your digital workplace simple to navigate. Everyone wants to be able to get around the intranet easily. It should not be hard for employees to get information. An intranet should be intuitive and uncomplicated allowing users to find your way quickly.

3. Keep it fresh

Company data should always be up to date and fresh. This can require manual editing, but it pays off in the long run. Plus, it is super easy with a SharePoint intranet. Lots of things are already automatic like RSS feeds and Yammer widgets. These types of features will feed content into your intranet continuously without ever needing any further interaction after the launch.

4. Be interesting

Always put great content on your intranet. Take the time to provide valuable information for employees. This will make people want to come to the intranet to see what’s going on in the company. People always want the latest information. Cater to your company and keep employees in the know.

5. Make it essential

If the intranet is the only place to find what an employee needs, they must use it. The intranet must be an essential tool for an employee to get their job done. Everything from project management to making a PTO or even collaborating with other users should be done via the corporate intranet.

6. Mobile friendly

We live in a mobile world! This is the cloud-first generation. On-premise is not good enough anymore. Being responsive is a necessity. People must be able to access their digital workplace from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. These options are golden.

7. Personalize it

Make sure to align your digital workplace with each department within your company. By doing this, all the different groups within your organization will be able to see the information that pertains just to them. Target your employees. Make it simple to find information that is pertinent to them. Things that are interesting and that they need to see.

8. Make it fun

The collaborative intranet should be a social place for the employee. They should want to be there and love to use it. If they have a good time, then they will continue to use it daily.
These are eight ways we found will make your intranet easier to adopt and create a more engaging experience for your employees. Follows these intranet best practices to provide a compelling digital workplace for your employees. Still need to set up your digital workplace? Get in touch with us today to create an Office 365 intranet that your employees will love to use.

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