Improving content management: Introducing Powell Intranet’s new feature

by Tamar Asatiani

In this article, discover how Powell Intranet introduces a new feature designed to enhance content management for its users. Learn about Powell’s streamlined content management dashboard and explore significant enhancements for administrators, including simplified processes and greater control over content management. Additionally, the article examines the wider impact of these updates on enhancing the overall intranet experience, making it more accessible and efficient for all users.

Empowering intranet contributors

Powell Software has distinguished itself with its communication and collaboration solutions in the current digital era. Powell Intranet simplifies content handling for contributors, mitigating the usual challenges associated with content management and dissemination.

Contributors are fundamental to the dynamism and success of the intranet. They are essential for driving engagement, encouraging collaboration, and expanding the organization’s knowledge base. Their diverse contributions, from writing articles to sharing expert insights, are crucial for maintaining a lively, informed, and cohesive community. That is why It is important that contributors have a dedicated space where they can efficiently manage and update content to ensure the intranet remains an up-to-date and valuable resource, embodying the collective intelligence and innovation of the organization.

To support and empower contributor activities on the intranet, the Powell Intranet offers a dedicated Contributors Board. This centralized platform is specifically tailored to optimize the contributor experience. By offering this dedicated space, we provide our contributors with the resources they need to manage and disseminate content effectively, ensuring they can continue to shape the digital workspace in meaningful ways.


Streamlined content management dashboard

Powell Intranet Contributor dashboard acts as a single point of access where contributors can efficiently manage all created content, neatly organized by type, author, date, and more. It’s more than just a repository; it’s a dynamic platform designed to ensure that content is not only accessible but also current, accurate, and timely.

By simplifying the editing and deletion processes, the board significantly improves the administrative experience, making content management intuitive and user-friendly. Through such innovations, we continue to refine and evolve our digital workspace, ensuring it meets the needs of our diverse user base and remains at the forefront of digital workplace solutions.

Contribution Board



Improving the intranet experience: Powell Intranet’s latest update

The latest update to Powell Intranet introduces a streamlined approach for administrators to add and configure content categories. Where previously, the task necessitated the use of the Powell Manager Back-office tool and substantial IT expertise, the latest update integrates this functionality directly within the intranet interface. This development reduces complexity and empowers administrators of all skill levels to update the Contributors Board effortlessly.

Further improving the intranet experience, including a preview function, is a key feature. This allows administrators to preview new content categories on the Contributors Board in real time before they go live. This update streamlines the content review process, ensuring it aligns with company standards and enhancing quality before it goes live.

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addint content types in the contribution board


Focused benefits for administrators and contributors:

With the latest update, administrators are set to experience a marked improvement in their day-to-day operations. This enhancement is not just about saving time; it’s about empowering administrators with greater flexibility and control over the entire content management process.

  • Increased Control: Now, administrators can more easily manage content structures, which is crucial when quick adjustments are needed due to organizational changes.
  • Reduced IT Dependency: The update significantly decreases the need for in-depth IT knowledge, meaning administrators can manage the intranet more independently and confidently.

The advantages also extend to contributors, who play a pivotal role in the vibrancy of the intranet content.

  • Intuitive Interface: Contributors will find the updated interface easier to navigate, allowing them to identify and utilize updates and new categories quickly. This leads to a more engaging and productive content management process.
  • Simplified Content Management: Introducing new features streamlines the process of adding and editing content, rendering the intranet more efficient and contributor-friendly.


Enhancing the overall intranet experience:

The culmination of these updates is a significantly improved intranet experience for everyone involved, particularly for those contributing content.

Better Accessibility: Content management has become more straightforward, making the platform more accessible and reducing the learning curve for all users.

Increased Efficiency: By streamlining the content management process, the time required to maintain the intranet is reduced, enhancing its functionality as a critical communication tool within the organization.



A step forward in digital workspace management:

Powell Intranet’s latest update represents a significant improvement in how administrators and contributors manage content on the intranet. This enhancement streamlines content management processes, better suiting the current and ongoing requirements of the organization.



Inviting you to explore:

We invite you to discover the new content management capabilities within Powell Intranet. Experience the ease and adaptability of our latest updates and contribute to a more efficient and collaborative digital workplace.


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