How to avoid wiki tabs being provisioned in your teams?

by Paul Lefevre

By default, a Wiki tab is added for each channel in the team. Don’t need those tabs and are tired of deleting every tab on your Teams channel? Learn about our advice and how we at Powell Software solve this problem.



Wiki tabs are systematically added to your team channels after a team creation, even after a simple channel creation in an existing team. Sometimes users do not find any use in such a tab. In this case, the team owners will have to delete every channel’s wiki tab. Alternatively, users could be maybe more comfortable with OneNote.

At Powell software, we advise you to consider OneNote instead of the wiki for various reasons: OneNote can be used outside teams and offers a wider range of features such as drawing, dictation, or history versions of every page.

“If you remove a Wiki tab in a team and then use this team as a reference team in the template, the created team through this template will not have a Wiki tab.”

As removing this option in native Microsoft Teams is impossible, we decided to tackle this problem here at Powell Software. You won’t need to execute any PowerShell or automation process. We simplified things for you.

You will need to follow these steps to do so:

1. Remove wiki tabs from your reference team

2. Associate this team with a Powell Governance template (existing one or a new one)

3. Don’t forget to resynchronize your team settings if you are editing an existing template

4. Create a new team using your adapted Powell Governance template

Your new team will be provisioned with the tabs you choose to configure in your reference team.

Powell Governance provides a template gallery with some business-oriented use cases. These templates won’t include wiki tabs until it’s not useful. If you want to know more about the Powell Governance template gallery, visit our help center.

Do you want to try to remove wikis from your Teams?

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Author: Paul Lefevre

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