HJ Sims

by Esther Daga

HJ Sims works with Powell Software to transform their digital workplace

After deciding that their legacy on-premises intranet solution was outdated and rarely used, HJ Sims set out to find a new intranet solution that would replace their old tool. To improve their company’s internal communication and support their clients with the best services possible, HJ Sims needed a functional, branded intranet solution that would boost internal collaboration.

This is the story of how HJ Sims successfully realized their goal to transform their digital workplace and launch a new intranet.



  • Finding a solution that provided a user-friendly, centralized location to help employees facilitate and manage their strategic initiatives
  • Implementing a company intranet that was natively responsive to Microsoft Office 365
  • Providing employees a digital workplace that could be accessed anywhere, anytime via desktop or mobile devices
  • Improving employee experience with multi-way, peer-to-peer communication and a uniquely designed profile



  • Low code/no code intranet design and implementation plan
  • Aesthetic, branded digital workplace where employees would remain motivated and engaged
  • Site template updates managed through Powell Manager

To aid in the search for a new intranet tool, HJ Sims sought out the expertise of Synergy, an elite software consultant and implementation partner with a specialization in digital transformation. Having extensive experience with intranet projects and after working closely with HJ Sims to understand their project requirements and needs, Synergy recommended Powell Software’s intranet tool – Powell 365.

“Powell 365 is a powerful solution that enables us to easily enhance and upgrade our clients’ portals. In a couple of clicks, we can easily update and redeploy a site or enhance existing capabilities with additional features to meet new needs. Delivery is simplified and as consultants, we can focus on works that bring more value to our customers like information architecture, governance, adoption plans and trainings.”

-Jason Blair, Senior Architect at Synergy

The Results

While still in the early stages of rolling out the tool and collecting feedback, the employee reception has been overall extremely positive. Now able to access a single, central repository for relevant content and information, the asset management department no longer must rely on continuous email threads as a part of their standard operating procedure. With everything available in just a few clicks, employee productivity, organization and effectiveness have already noticeably improved throughout the organization. Other improvements and positive benefits that have already been noted are:

  • All employees are now utilizing the intranet portal
  • Increase to IT knowledge base and training repository from 1-2 people visiting a month on avg to 260+ monthly visits
  • Onboarding and training for new employees has become a more streamlined, effective process


Technology Behind the Solution

The Powell 365 digital workplace sits on top of SharePoint and integrates the Office 365 suite of solutions in an engaging way that results in an 80% increase in O365 usage for most companies. Powell 365 also includes over 70 customizable ready-to-use SharePoint templates that simplify the portal creation, offering a significantly lower-cost alternative to a custom build. As a flexible, full-cloud solution, Powell 365 resonated well with the Quest Diagnostics objectives.


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