Discover February Product News for Powell Intranet and Powell Governance

by Tamar Asatiani

Find out the new great features that came out


New header

A new header is available! You have a new ergonomic design with the ability to search directly from the header.

New creation process

We offer a new creation process in two steps!
This new creation process comes only with the new header for the moment.

Send Kudos to your coworkers

Kudos is a great way to show appreciation to your workers. Employees need to feel valued at the company! Being recognized by your peers motivates employees and increases their productivity.

That is why on the Powell Governance you can now give recognition to your coworkers for their work!

How does it work?

An HR manager defines Kudos (Kudo topics) that can be sent to users. Employees will then click the Kudo and send it to their peers.

Learn more about our Kudo functionality through our short video.

Find more about our new features on our Help Center


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