Key Takeaways from our Digital Workplace Convention

by Yvonne Harris

In 2020, the Powell Software annual Digital Workplace convention went online, and the virtual event doors were open to everyone. In fact, it was our largest turnout ever with 600 attendees joining from across the globe

Attendees tuned in on the day to explore the changing workplace, with 2020 seeing an unanticipated and rapid adoption of remote work. As our CEO Cyril de Queral discussed, some 74% of employers plan to move some employees to remote work long-term.  

74% plan to move to remote work

As today’s employees are no longer in the office dailyorganizations are trying to understand how to ensure resiliency and flexibility with technology. According to de Queral, organizations need to consider four things to secure this:

  • Remote workers need to feel connected and part of the company, able to socialize, and able to experience the company culture even when they work from home.
  • Providing remote workers with the right tools, such as intelligent search, will drive efficiency. This allows them to easily find the information they’re looking for and applications specific to their role. 
  • Data in the digital workplace is also key; managers need to see the KPIs each employee is delivering.
  • Business processes must be completed away from the office, so digitalization is crucial. 

The digital workplace responding to the hybrid workplace needs  

With businesses looking to make permanent changes, the hybrid workplace, which balances the old and new, is positioning itself as the future workplace. To be hybrid workplace-ready, de Queral noted that organizations need: 

  1. A powerful employee communication platform 
  2. Impactful digital collaboration tools
  3. The ability to digitalize business processes 

Powell Software helps organizations prepare for hybrid work by providing a complete digital workplace that responds to these three requirements. 

  • Powell Intranet is the communication platform that keeps employees engaged and informed.  
  • Powell Governance is the Microsoft Teams app that improves end-user experience and governance, focusing on enhanced search capabilities. Teams became an essential tool during the COVID-19 crisis, allowing employees to continue to work successfully from home.  
  • Bringing them all together in one single solution Powell 365 and its ready-to-use Templates, to digitalize business processes like onboarding employees and Sales RFP, Marketing & Operations 

 The Powell Software team ran three tracks focused on Digital Workplace Usage & Governance, Powell Teams (now Powell Governance), and Powell Intranet 

Three Tracks Digital Workplace convention

The convention also allowed Powell Software to present our roadmap and make some exciting announcements. Here’s a round-up of some of the top announcements that should not be missed.  

Key Takeaways from the Digital Workplace Convention 

Innovation and improvement are at the heart of Powell 365, so the team took this year as an opportunity to develop innovative solutions designed to connect and engage employees.  

  • Employee Gamification in the Intranet

Actively engaged employees bring invaluable benefits to organizations and can act as advocates for the company. Employee advocacy is a way to expand the organic reach of a company’s message by encouraging employees to share content with their network. Marketing and communications are always looking for ways to increase the reach of their content, but employees can be slow to distribute new blog articles, white papers, and other materials 

Powell Software’s new employee advocacy and gamification features aim to overcome this by providing tangible benefits for sharing. By providing points and rewards to employees for their advocacy efforts, employees now have a reason to share. This new template feature will be available in the coming days for Powell Intranet & Powell Governance’ current customers.   

Employee Advocacy Powell software 

  • An Improved Teams Experience 

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool, but anyone who has used it for some months now will have struggled with trying to find important documents or Teams. Powell Governance enhances the end-user experience with improved search, favorite teams, and recent documents, and we’re making updates to improve the experience further.  

  • Digitalized Business Processes: Sales RFP 

Powell Software is working hard to simplify tasks for departments across organizations. Following the rollout of employee onboarding templates for HR, a new template was announced at the Digital Workplace convention. The new Sales RFP templates are designed to standardize the sales request for proposal process using the digital workplace.  

Powell Software Achievements, 2020 

This year Powell Software has reached some impressive goals, despite everything that 2020 has thrown at the world.  

  • 50% increase in users 
  • 400% growth in the UK and APAC 
  • 85 new customers so far this year 
  • Clearbox Intranet Choice Award North America and Europe 2020 

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