Step-by-Step Remote Employee Onboarding with Powell Software

by Julien Roland

The shift in workplace culture towards hybrid working means that today’s employees split their time between the office and their home workspaces. One challenge this is causing for organizations is remote employee onboarding. Welcoming onboard new hires who have never stepped foot in the office is a challenge for HR managers, but one which can be overcome with Powell Software templates.


Remote employee onboarding with Powell Software

To illustrate how Powell Software templates help HR managers onboard remote employees, let’s take Linda’s example.

Linda is an HR Manager who regularly has to onboard new employees. This week, she onboards Frederic, a new recruit to the company. She wants to create a personalized and adapted experience for him to welcome him to the company.

Employee Onboarding Personas

Linda’s company uses Microsoft 365 and to onboard Frederic efficiently and effectively, she chooses to use two tools from Powell Software: Powell Intranet and Powell Governance.

Powell Intranet — the company intranet for internal communications

Powell Intranet is fully personalized and intelligently pushes targeted content for each department. When Powell Software templates are used, Frederic will find a dedicated HR space with an employee onboarding section. Here, he will have access to resources specific to his role and all of the corporate and top-down information.

More specifically, Frederic will find:

  • Words from the CEO about the company’s mission, vision and strategy
  • Documents regarding his onboarding, as well as a training video library common to its department
  • Key contacts in the company and his department
  • His profile information
  • Direct access to his onboarding team
  • His augmented onboarding space in Powell Virtual building

The corporate intranet onboarding space is easy to use and fully personalized. The content will be filtered so Frederic doesn’t have to look for information.

Powell Governance – the collaboration space in Microsoft Teams

Linda knows that Frederic will have many questions during his first weeks, with answers not found on the intranet. For these questions, he must communicate with his manager, buddy, and HR contact. Frederic will also need to access his onboarding documents and understand what he needs to achieve in the coming weeks.

Linda would also like to provide a richer experience adapted to the hybrid environment with a private and customized space for Frederic and his key contacts. They can use this space to exchange information and personal documents that should not be on the intranet.

To provide this space, she can create and personalize a Microsoft Team but wants it to be quick. Normally she would have to create the team, the channel, add the different tabs, and configure everything.  It would be time-consuming for her as she regularly onboards new employees and would have to repeat the process each time.

Fortunately, Linda is using Powell Governance so she will be guided through the team creation process and have a dedicated onboarding Teams template allowing her to create the Team in less than 3 minutes.

Remote Employee Onboarding

This Team will have:

  • Pre-defined channels and pre-configured tabs for training and resources
  • Pre-loaded onboarding documents
  • Automated approvals for Frederics first documents
  • Direct links to the intranet with targeted role-based content
  • Customization with Office 365 apps like a 30 day task plan and video channel dedicated to business onboarding

Simplified remote employee onboarding in the digital workplace with templates

Linda is happy now—repetitive processes like employee onboarding are simplified with Powell Governance, saving her time and ensuring every new employee has a pleasant and straightforward onboarding experience. Linda is also working on other business processes, as are other departments such as marketing, finance, and sales… Imagine how many processes could be digitalized now.

Explore how Powell Software can help your organization adapt to the hybrid workplace and facilitate remote employee onboarding.


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