Teams Templates – Go Further with Powell Teams 

Creating a Microsoft Team can be a time-consuming task and if not done right can cause headaches down the line. Microsoft Teams templates aim to improve this and while a good start, a fully optimized Teams template from Powell Teams can do so much more. 

Facing New Challenges in the Hybrid Workplace 

With the generalization of hybrid work, adapting work methods has become a priority for most organizations. High on the list of priorities is bringing a seamless and enhanced collaboration experience with more engagement and efficiency in the digital workplace. 

This context recently resulted in the explosion of Microsoft Teams adoption. However, the collaboration in Teams is new for most users as it revolutionizes the way we work every day. It involves new uses and best practices still little known by mostUsers may feel lost in their journey of creating, managing, and customizing their teams, which can result in, at best creating an inefficient team space, and at worst making mistakes that can impact IT practices (governance, management, security). 


In most cases, it will take a user an average of 30 minutes to create an advanced team, ready-to-go. 


This has led to two main challenges  

  1. How can organizations quickly answer businesses needs by bringing a simpler Teams creation experience and enhance the optimization of business processes 
  2. How can IT  ensure users have enough room to create and use team workspaces without restricting the user experience. All while limiting errors and having to manage security, governance, and management issues 

Microsoft Native Team Templates 

Microsoft recently announced the ability for Teams users to quickly create customizable Teams templates. In the next few months, users will have the ability to pick from a variety of customizable templates from common business scenarios. These include event or crisis management, as well as industry-specific templates, hospital wards, or bank branches 

Microsoft Teams TemplatesMicrosoft Teams Templates

What You Need to Know 

Microsoft templates will provide a basic and limited experience that will only address a small part of the activities required to create a ready-to-go team. Each template will come with pre-defined channels but only have pre-activated tabs which still needs to be configured, providing a limited experience that will not cover most business needs.  


Creating an advanced team template will be 4 to 5 times longer with Microsoft than with Powell Teams templates 


Time Chart Teams Template


Microsoft Teams Templates

Beyond Templating – Go Further with Powell Teams    

At Powell Softwareour templates capabilities go much deeper, covering all the aspects of Teams configuration: Tabs set-up & ready to go, pre-loaded, linked to the corresponding Intranet pages. 

Powell Teams also goes further than Microsoft templates by aligning with the main hybrid work challenges: 

  • Simplify and improve end-user collaboration experience 
  • Automate governance and management for IT 
  • Address business needs with specific digitized scenarios 

Quick Demo  Onboarding New Employees”  

 Check out this video to see our digital workplace templates in action during a short use case presentation.

Teams Templates Onboarding Use Case Example

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