Introducing Powell Hub – The all-in-one Productivity Platform

by Yvonne Harris

Powell Software unveils the future of business productivity with Powell Hub

Powell Software announced the release of Powell Hub, its new digital workplace product aimed at changing how employees engage with corporate applications to drive personal productivity.

Powell Hub regroups business applications into one unique access point that is then personalized by each employee, to ensure simplified day to day business operations. This product will transform corporate application organization by simplifying how employees interact with the tools available to them. It will be of tremendous value to large enterprises interested in facilitating employee management.

“Powell Hub offers a new innovative approach to Digital Workplace,” said Antoine Faisandier, CEO of Powell Software North America. “As a desktop and a mobile app, it brings employee productivity and personalization to a new level that is unbeatable on the market yet. And it is particularly easy for an organization to implement it.”

This new Digital Workspace solution transforms the user’s way of working and simplifies daily operations. Powell Hub draws on employees’ everyday lives to help them do their jobs, maximize efficiency and save time. Created to meet the emerging needs of its customers, Powell Software was inspired by their clients to develop an enhanced productivity experience.

“This new product is testimony of Powell Software’s relentless t

hrive to innovate and offer Digital Workplace solutions that help people get their work done and increase employee engagement,” noted Antoine Faisandier.


Powell Hub offers its customers a seamless and simplified digital workspace experience in which every document, application or information is accessible in one click, safely and from any device. Multitasking becomes easy and natural. The multisession option also allows users to quickly juggle between different accounts, such as on Yammer, Teams, Twitter, etc.

The productivity hub allows each employee to organize a workspace in their own image by adding the applications of their choice. Applications are available from both a public and private corporate store. If tools are missing, the user can add them themselves in an instant. It is then easy to arrange the interface by moving its elements, grouping them in folders and also selecting favorites. It is, therefore, the employee who builds him or herself their digital workspace that resembles them.


The Powell Hub interface is designed to create a pleasant, intuitive and clear navigation experience. The streamlined design provides instant access to content and eliminates visual distractions for better concentration. The soft, rounded icons and logos echo the ergonomics of mobile applications, highlighting the flexibility and maneuverability of the Digital Workspace. The platform is designed as a flexible and engaging workspace that promotes creativity and productivity while its cool colors have been chosen for their calming and soothing character.

Powell Hub


Employees are offered applications targeted specifically to meet their daily needs. A company can decide what content and tools it wants to push to its various teams, departments and profiles. Administrators decide who gets access to sensitive applications. A company can thus limit the abundance of option available so that its employees can more easily access the applications that concern them.

With Powell Hub, it is no longer necessary to install applications on each workstation. Everything will be readily available in the enterprise stores on their own Powell Hub, digital workspace. Onboarding new employees has never been easier.


Powell Software is an international software vendor that supports its customers in their digital transformation by offering a suite of customizable Digital Workplace products. At the forefront of Office 365 and SharePoint technologies, the Powell Suite delivers solutions that revolutionize collaboration, communication and enterprise productivity. Powell Software places the user experience at the center of its strategy and supports its customers and their employees in their day-to-day operations. The Microsoft Gold partner is now present in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East to be closer to its customers and partners and constantly provide new generations of Digital Workplace solutions.

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