Meet Julien, Product Marketing Manager Powell Software

by Yvonne Harris

Julien Roland joins Powell Software after spending more than three years at Microsoft France marketing Office 365. With a furthers two years’ experience in the world of consulting, Julien has a background in supporting companies to reach their digital transformation goals. As the Powell Software team continues to grow we have asked Julien, our new Product Marketing Manager, a few questions to find out more about his role and what brings him to the team.

Interview with Julien Roland

Julien Roland

Product Marketing Manager Powell Software

Julien is convinced that the Digital Workplace of tomorrow will have to meet the challenges of hybrid work: having the ability to help companies establish more inclusive and engaging cultures, develop teamwork, and digitalize business processes to simplify the user journey. This is what drove him to join Powell Software.


What is your mission as Product Marketing Manager at Powell Software?

My mission at Powell Software is to help organizations and businesses understand the value of our Digital Workplace, and how it can answer the challenges employees can face in the hybrid workplace.

I will mainly focus on creating a story around concrete examples of how to digitalize the hybrid workplace and translate these common scenarios for different kinds of employees. The goal is to share known business scenarios such as onboarding newcomers for HR, creating an RFP for Sales, simplifying event organization for marketing, and more. Everything from the daily routine to specific team actions can be fully digitalized with Powell Software.

What do you like most about your new position?

I love the fact that I’m working at the very heart of the Digital Workplace. I get to write about hot topics concerning business like digital transformation and company culture. Plus I enjoy being able to deliver value by providing clear answers to real challenges many organizations are facing.

How would you describe the culture at Powell Software in only three words?

At Powell Software, I find it is in our DNA to be innovative, creative, and passionate.

What is your favorite Office 365 or Powell Software feature and why?

I would definitely pick the ability to simplify Teams creation for specific scenarios combined with having direct access to our intranet in Microsoft Teams, which brings even more user-centricity and value to the Digital Workplace.

What do you do in your free time, outside the office?

Out of the office, I love to enjoy adventurous activities and taking the time to discover the beauty of our mother nature Earth. I get to do this in different ways: motorcycle road trips, flying with a glider or a plane, or even through photography.

What is your secret talent?

My secret talent is photography!

Where can our community connect with you on social media?

You can find me on LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me.

As Product Marketing Manager it’s Julien’s mission to clarify and demonstrate the full potential of Powell Software solutions. Keep up to date on Powell Intranet and Powell Teams capabilities with our blog updates, like this one on Teams templates.

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