Powell Teams Becomes Powell Governance: A New Way to Govern the M365 Ecosystem

by Tamar Asatiani

The article announces the rebranding of Powell Teams to Powell Governance and outlines the company’s expanded focus on providing comprehensive digital governance across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, including SharePoint Sites. It highlights the importance of this strategic shift in addressing the challenges of digital collaboration with enhanced security and smarter solutions.

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Introducing Powell Governance

Powell Software understands the perpetual nature of digital transformation. This constant state of flux has inspired our latest evolution as Powell Teams becomes Powell Governance. This strategic shift is more than just a name change; transitioning to Powell Governance signifies our commitment to offering broader governance across the entire Microsoft 365 suite, including SharePoint Sites, and tackling challenges like Microsoft 365 Copilot, which left unchecked, maximizes the risk of oversharing.

Here’s what you need to know about this pivotal transition and how it sets the stage for a future where digital collaboration is secure, smart, and seamless.

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Why Powell Governance?

As digital workspaces evolve, so does our mission. The change from Powell Teams to Powell Governance marks our move beyond the confines of managing only Microsoft Teams to embracing the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, including a focus on SharePoint Sites. This expansion is driven by the need for a more holistic approach to digital workspace governance, ensuring the safe and responsible use of Microsoft 365 Copilot and mitigating data exposure risks that come with user oversharing. Powell Governance embodies our vision of making digital collaboration more secure, simple, and smart, underpinned by our three pillars: Understand, Manage, and Control.


Gain clear insights into your digital environment, seeing exactly how digital spaces function and interact, with an emphasis on understanding the complexities and dynamics of SharePoint Sites alongside Microsoft Teams.


Set up intelligent rules and workflows to maintain smooth operations, ensuring digital workspaces run efficiently. This now includes the management of SharePoint Sites, applying our governance principles to a wider array of digital assets and environments.


Maintain constant vigilance over data security, ensuring compliance and adherence to governance policies across both Teams and SharePoint Sites, providing a unified and comprehensive governance strategy that aligns with modern digital workspace needs.

The impact and what changes

This rebranding to Powell Governance signifies a deeper integration into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, reflecting our commitment to comprehensive digital governance. For our users, this means greater value, offering a unified solution to the challenges of digital collaboration, leveraging AI, and ensuring security and compliance across a broader range of Microsoft services.

The change will be rolled out gradually starting now, with clear communication and updates provided at each step to ensure a seamless transition for all stakeholders.

The evolution reflects our growth

The recent evolution to the name Powell Governance signifies a significant advancement for the Powell Software suite, illustrating our progress and enhancement of digital workspaces.  his new name is more than just a change; it represents a big leap in how we support the digital workplace. Powell Governance serves as a cornerstone in this framework, reflecting our commitment to continual improvement and the integration of AI. This commitment ensures that we remain at the forefront of innovation, providing sophisticated and efficient solutions that redefine the digital workplace paradigm.



Discover more through our video:

Next steps and timeline

  • Beginning of April: Communication to all partners and existing customers.
  • Beginning of May: Launch of the new Powell Governance product video in French and English, along with a teaser video, showcasing the capabilities and benefits of the new branding.
  • May to June: Update of all marketing materials, documentation, and the Powell Academy to reflect the new name.
  • June to July: Update of all product interfaces, awaiting final approval from Microsoft for the precise timeline. https://support.powell-software.com/hc/en-us/articles/17847033103890-Powell-Teams-becomes-Powell-Governance

Moving forward together

The transition from Powell Teams to Powell Governance is not just about a change in name but a reflection of our broadened vision and commitment to providing a unified solution to digital workspace challenges, now explicitly including SharePoint Sites under our governance purview. This move signifies our dedication to innovation, security, and efficiency, ensuring our solutions meet the evolving needs of our users. As we step into this exciting chapter, we thank our customers and partners for their continued support and look forward to forging a future where digital collaboration is more governed, seamless, and productive than ever before.

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