Anticipating the Future of SharePoint UX: Microsoft 365 Conference Review

by Jordan Washington

Yesterday, at the Microsoft 365 Conference, Microsoft unveiled its highly anticipated vision for the future of SharePoint UX. As a leading provider of digital workplace solutions, Powell Software is thrilled by this announcement and eager to explore the new developments and innovations in the Microsoft ecosystem. Jeff Tepper, Adam Harmetz, and their team have set the stage for an exciting new chapter in SharePoint, and we couldn’t be more excited. In this article, we will share our enthusiasm, discuss the potential implications of the announcement, and explore how these changes may influence our offerings moving forward.

Our statements are based on the following blog spot :

SharePoint in the AI Era: Introducing Copilot in SharePoint & 10 more innovations for creators – Microsoft Community Hub

Microsoft 365 Conference Announcement on SharePoint

Microsoft has recently announced a series of innovations for SharePoint aimed at simplifying the creation of more engaging and visually appealing sites and pages at the Microsoft 365 Conference. The announcement comprises four themes:

Simpler authoring – Introducing Copilot in SharePoint, a new SharePoint home page, and coauthoring experiences. This allows users to create SharePoint pages more efficiently using natural language and AI, as well as collaborate with others in real-time.

Compelling content – SharePoint is receiving a significant aesthetic update, enabling users to create visually stunning sites and pages that showcase images and videos in new ways.

Deeper engagement – New integrations for SharePoint with email, Teams, and Microsoft Viva will allow users to access SharePoint content seamlessly in their workflow and measure the impact of their content.

Improved Image & Video Features – The new image editor offers advanced editing options, while updated Stream web part integration allows for seamless video embedding. Video Page templates make it simple to create branded, shareable video content within SharePoint and Stream.

Flexible platform – Microsoft is continuing its investment in templates, the SharePoint Framework, and Microsoft Graph. Existing solutions will remain functional even as the user experience is updated.

At this stage, Microsoft has not provided specific details regarding the pricing and licensing options for their AI integration and content creation features in SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Organizations interested in leveraging these capabilities should keep an eye on future announcements for more information on costs and potential changes to existing Microsoft 365 SKUs or add-on licenses.

Microsoft has announced that the Content Pane will be available by the end of Q3 2023, while the AI preview for content creation is slated for the end of Q4 2023, with further enhancements and capabilities expected to roll out in 2024.


Embracing Change: From Publishing to Modern and the Viva Suite

As a dynamic and forward-thinking company, Powell Software has a proven track record of adapting to the ever-evolving SharePoint landscape. When SharePoint transitioned from the Publishing model to the Modern experience, we were at the forefront of helping businesses leverage the latest features and capabilities to create more engaging and effective digital workplaces.

With the announcement of the Viva Suite, and specifically Viva Connections, Powell Software has once again demonstrated our commitment to staying ahead of the curve. We have incorporated these innovative tools into our product offerings, empowering organizations to foster improved employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. As we prepare for the next chapter in SharePoint UX, we remain poised to adapt and evolve alongside Microsoft’s new developments.


The Importance of Attractive Look and Feel for Intranets

An attractive look and feel for an intranet is crucial for maximizing employee experience and adoption. In native SharePoint, building a theme with fonts and various components has always been complex, requiring custom development skills. Powell Intranet simplifies this process by providing native themes, as well as the ability to deploy custom themes developed by customers or partners.

With Microsoft’s new announcement, especially the Brand Center, Powell Intranet will continue to offer these capabilities and also add support for the new theming features introduced by Microsoft. This will likely bring additional value, such as the ability to deploy and update themes at scale through synchronization.


Enhancing the Content Creation Process with Powell Intranet

A key aspect of the content creation process is ensuring it remains intuitive and user-friendly for non-technical contributors, such as those in the Communications department. Equally important is adhering to corporate governance rules and leveraging company templates for consistency.

Powell Intranet has consistently addressed these needs, providing an accessible and efficient content creation experience that respects organizational guidelines. As SharePoint continues to evolve and introduce new features, Powell Software remains committed to enhancing these capabilities for our customers.

Organizations that require advanced templating, scaling, and updating capabilities can confidently rely on Powell Software’s solutions. By integrating the latest SharePoint possibilities, we continue to offer a seamless and powerful content creation experience tailored to the unique requirements of each organization.


Powell Software’s Augmented Digital Workplace – Complementing Microsoft’s AI Integration in SharePoint

A Shared Vision with Microsoft’s AI Integration in SharePoint

Microsoft’s recent announcement of integrating AI into SharePoint with Copilot aligns with Powell Software’s vision for an augmented digital workplace. Both Microsoft and Powell Software share the goal of leveraging AI to enhance workplace communication, collaboration, and overall productivity. Powell Software’s AI-driven solutions offer organizations the flexibility to choose the user experience and price point that best suit their needs, while complementing Microsoft’s AI-powered offerings.

Choosing the Best UX and Price Point for Your Organization

As Powell Software and Microsoft work towards creating AI-augmented digital workplace solutions, organizations will have the opportunity to choose between these offerings based on their specific requirements, such as user experience, functionality, and budget. As a reminder, we described how Powell Software’s augmented digital workplace can offer additional benefits here.



As we digest the exciting news from the Microsoft 365 Conference, the anticipation at Powell Software is palpable. The future of SharePoint UX has the potential to shape the way businesses and organizations collaborate, communicate, and succeed in an increasingly digital world. At  Powell Software, we are confident that our team is well-prepared to adapt and embrace the changes that lie ahead. Stay tuned for our in-depth analysis of Microsoft’s announcement as we continue to support our clients and partners in creating exceptional digital workplace experiences.


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