Powell Software UK is G-Cloud Digital Marketplace Accredited

by Yvonne Harris

Powell Software is now a G-Cloud Digital Marketplace accredited vendor. A global ISV providing digital workplace solutions, Powell Software is excited to have the opportunity to offer our solutions to public bodies in the UK.


The G-Cloud Digital Marketplace Accreditation

Powell Software is delighted to become a G-Cloud Digital Marketplace accredited vendor. The G-Cloud accreditation allows cloud service providers to offer their solutions for sale to public sector organisations in the UK. It is a framework that lists providers and allows public bodies to evaluate offerings.

Accreditation in the UK as a software vendor opens vast opportunities for Powell Software. Since 2013 the UK Government has adopted a ‘cloud-first’ policy whereby public sector bodies must prioritise cloud technologies in purchasing decisions. This decision was made because the UK government consider the cloud to be faster and more cost-effective. In 2019 alone, the UK public sector spent nearly £400m on cloud software a significant jump from £2.1m in 2012. The use of cloud technologies in the public sector is growing immensely.

The G-Cloud suppliers’ website allows public sector organisations to access information on cloud technology suppliers. Powell Software has provided information to help potential buyers evaluate our products against their needs.

Cloud Technology for the Move to Remote Work

With the current health crisis, organisations have had to implement work from home policies. In fact, nearly half of all employees in the UK worked from home in April 2020. At first, a short term measure to ensure staff safety, many employees will want to continue enjoying the benefits it offers. Increased flexibility, lack of a commute, and family commitments are just some considerations. The days of everyone being in the office at all times are over, even in the public sector.

However, pre-pandemic not all public sector bodies were equipped with the right remote working tools. Managing a remote or hybrid workforce requires new processes and technologies that keep employees engaged. One key piece of technology which keeps employees connected is an intranet. It is a platform that allows organisations to provide important information, documents, and updates to employees. The modern intranet should be accessible from anywhere, across any device so that employees can gain access no matter where they are located.

The Complete Digital Workplace

Powell Software helps public sector bodies looking to stay connected with employees as they transition to a more flexible workplace.

Powell 365 is a complete digital workplace platform composed of two pillars, Powell Intranet and Powell Teams. Powell Intranet is a corporate intranet that facilitates communication and employee engagement. It is a cloud-based intranet built on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Employees get the information they need from one easily accessible location. With a responsive design, Powell Intranet is available on desktop or mobile. Powell Teams is a Microsoft Teams application for better end-user experience and governance. Teams is an essential collaboration platform in the digital workplace, facilitating teamwork in the hybrid workforce. With Powell 365, these two pillars are bridged. Powell Teams is accessible from the Intranet and vice-versa.

Discover Powell Intranet on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace website.

Discover Powell Teams on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace website.

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