Discover the key points of the SharePoint 2016 Roadmap

by Esther Daga

We impatiently waited for the SharePoint 2016 advancement and we were not disappointed. Everyone will benefit, at all levels, with the new version of SharePoint:

  • An approach based fully on JavaScript & web services, which validates the Powell 365 choice. Exit the .NET!
  • Users will benefit from Groups and redesigned and responsive team sites as well as better integration of OneDrive / SharePoint.
  • Super users can easily control the access to their sites and attribute new sites automatically
  • The arrival of Microsoft Flow to generate workflows
  • The long awaited native SharePoint mobile app
  • More efficient tools to secure data (SharePoint Insights) and prevent information leaks (mobile in-tune management)
  • With SharePoint 2016, customers will have the choice of hybridization. Great news for those associated with Powell 365 as a SharePoint 2016 configuration is permitted.

As for us, Powell 365 will benefit from the new development approach on Office 365, notably the Powell 365 store network affiliate solution, Powell 365 for Retail.

Available for several months now, Powell 365 for Retail covers all conventional collaborative needs of the retail industry in a single portal. It meets the high expectations of a corporate intranet by implementing tools aligned to a set of specific challenges in the distribution sector, such as: store management (delivery, stock, sales targets), communication of network marketing campaigns, animation manager of communities…

The large interest around Powell 365 for Retail convinced us that this kind of personalized product is what our clients expect. We are dedicated to provide valuable products for every industry. Therefore over the coming months, we will strengthen the different verticalizations of Powell 365 and offer sectoral variations of the product that will easily integrate to your specific business.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will present the new Powell 365!

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