Webhelp provides its 38,000 employees with a Powell 365 intranet portal based on Office 365

by Esther Daga

Webhelp is an international leader in Customer Experience and Business Process Outsourcing. The group has more than 38,000 employees in nearly 30 countries and more than 100 sites.
To better understand the Group’s expectations and needs, we interviewed Jean-Baptiste Decaix, Chief Delivery Officer of the Webhelp group.

Why was Webhelp drawn to Powell 365?

Webhelp chose the Office 365 suite Cloud offering (Outlook, Excel, Word, PPT, SharePoint, Yammer …) as a tool for communication, collaboration, productivity and knowledge.

Powell 365 allowed us to unify all these tools and to make an intranet portal for communication, collaboration and Knowledge Management, available to our Webhelpiens. It is powerful, easy to use and accessible from everywhere. We call it WISE.

The addition of Powell 365 to O365 allows for greater freedom of customization, integration and unification, thus meeting our need to work together in a coherent environment within our international group.

What were you needs and objectives before implementing Powell 365 and how did Powell 365 meet those needs

When implementing Powell 365, we had three main objectives; collaboration, communication and knowledge management.

  1. Collaboration: Equip our 38,000 Webhelpiens with a unique collaboration tool accessible from our 110 sites and anywhere on the move.
  2. Communication: maximize fluidify and increase communication with each Webhelpian and around Webhelp priorities, current programs, customer news, and internal news.
  3. Knowledge Management: Increase our ability to quickly create and share knowledge and best practices.

Through its unified platform integrating all O365 tools, Powell has met all these needs, with a very suitable solution for collaboration and communication, and opportunities for improvement for Knowledge Management (tags, authors, research, …)

How was the solution achieved within your business?

WISE has been very well received since its launch by a large part of Webhelpiens.

We worked quickly on the field feedback, the navigation experience and launched a few months later a second fully redesigned version (simpler and clearer), more efficient (response time in particular) and fully mobile!

The redesign, the change of platform and the access on smartphone were greeted with enthusiasm by all our collaborators.

Users particularly appreciate access to centralized information via a more intuitive interface than a shared server.

Integration with O365 features (IE Microsoft Forms, Groups, Flows, Power BI, etc …) is also a real plus that allows us to implement business processes within a centralized tool.

What are the benefits of the solution?

We are currently at the end of the deployment period, now covering more than 90% of our population, with a target of 100% by mid-2018.

The number of unique visitors has sharply increased to reach 70-80% of Webhelpiens.

Our entire collaboration, communication and knowledge management is now fully supported by WISE which is enriched every day by fresh and quickly available content.

Next steps ?

Today we have three priorities for development:

  1. The extension of WISE to 100% of the Webhelp scope, as well as the integration of new acquisitions.
  2. Increase audience and user impact by adding more relevant, targeted and easily accessible content
  3. Continuous improvement of the platform by strengthening the functionalities of certain O365 modules (eg Groups, Yammer, mobile access, content search) and integrating innovations (eg Teams, PowerApps, etc …)

We are always looking for innovation to support the development of Webhelp. We rely heavily on Powell 365 teams to share their experience with new uses, help us integrate innovative modules and ensure even better performance and mobility.

The development of Knowledge Management (repositories, research and semantics, tags, link with skills and profiles of employees, etc …) is particularly critical for Webhelp and will be a source of increased and sustainable collaboration with Powell 365.


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